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A Little Buddhist Enlightenment For Your Tukkus
That people are unknowing does not mean that they are unknowing like cows or goats. Even ignorant people look for a pathway to reality. But, searching for it, they often misunderstand what they encounter. They pursue names and categories instead of going beyond that name to that which is real. – Digha Nikaya

Rugby Italiano
My internet buddy Aldo [Insert Aldo “Chill A-Cella” Cella Lambrusco jokes here] was kind enough to send me these authentic action photos of the Italy vs. Ireland game in the Six Nations Tournament held in February 2005. What is “6 Nations”? In a nutshell, the national teams from six countries (England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales) get together and duke it out in true rugby form. Although I don’t understand why Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland are considered separate nations. Must be a European thang…

Grazie Aldo! Trasmettendoli tranatlantic abbraccia e baci!

Thank God!
Only one more torturous, long as hell week until the return of Prison Break! It makes absolutely no sense that I love this show so much but I do. I swear you’d think I was getting married on October 24 instead just watching TV! I’m not the only crazy chomping at the bit though. My fellow crazies on the PB message board on the Internet Movie Database are just as insane. So insane are we that we’ve come up with a Prison Break Drinking Game. Below are just a few of the scenarios which won’t make a damn bit of sense unless you watch the show:

1 shot every time a character dies without revealing key info.

1 shot every time Dr. Sarah and Michael have "a moment"

1 shot every time Michael has to explain something to Sucre
2 shots every time Sucre pulls that “deer in the headlights” face
3 shots every time Michael has to explain something to Sucre…again.

1 shot every time T-Bag purses his lips or else uses his tongue in a suggestive manner

1 shot every time Abruzzi gets within kissing distance of anyone

1 shot every time someone calls Michael “fish”

2 shots every time Michael does the sexy smirk/half smile thing

1 shot every time Michael refers to one of his tattoos

1 shot every time Sucre mutters something in Spanish

2 shots every time Michael deflects Abruzzi’s questions/feeble attempts at intimidation by giving him a cryptic, smart-assed answer/response:

A: I thought you said we’d be getting out of here soon Fish?
M: I remember saying something to that effect John.
A: So do I have to cut off more of your toes or would you like me to get
nasty and eat pesto sauce with extra garlic and onions and invade your personal space even harder?
M: Beware the Ides of March John.
A: Whaaaaaa?

1 shot every time we see the imprint of an impertinent nipple through a tight, white t-shirt

2 shots every time we see full on nipple nudity

5 shots for every time Veronica's eyes creep you out

Tick-Tock…just seven more days until the return of Prison Break!GD

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