I Need A Tequila Shot With A Vodka Chaser!

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That’s right boys, Ms. GD is back and there is more than enough of me…er, I mean candy…to go around! Gosh, what a warm welcome from Tennessee State’s swim team! That sort of reception just makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside. HEY! Get back you Lacrosse biotches! Back I say! Save some for everyone else! Damn! I swear they act like they’ve never had any chocolate before…

Now on to the random ramblings of the beauteous Ms. GD…

In Honor Of Halloween
Boy they let anyone have a political action committee these days! Ms. GD and galaxyMafia should start or own PAC – Women For The Objectification and Subjugation of Men. Has a nice ring to it don’t it? GM and I will discuss this later so back to the spoooookyness that is Lyndon LaRouche…

I was leaving class Tuesday night and saw this sitting on top of the trash. Now I don’t usually go around digging in the trash but I just couldn’t pass this gem by! Wow. Even crazy people can get it right every once in a while huh? You go Lyndon wit yo crackpot, conspiracy theory having, baaaaad self!

Nike Gets A Piece Of The Action
I like these new Nike ads…sort of. I like the fact that they feature non-emaciated women with athletic builds and various skin shades but I’m still having a problem with the dismembered body parts ya’ll. Just doesn’t sit right with me. It seems that women are still being picked apart and reduced to tits and ass in the media. Sure she’s got a nice ass (damn near hypnotic ain’t it?) but what about the rest of her? Does she have a name? What are her dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future? Does she vote? Would she like to join our PAC? Come on Nike…you can do better than this!

Thank God Almighty We’re Free (of Harriet Miers) At Last!
Man I thought that heifer would NEVER buy a clue! But at least she’s smarter than Dubbya. He would have kept pushing until that no skills having woman was confirmed! Crazy ass…

According to Newsday.com we have a new verb in our lexicon – miered. LOL You remember “borked” from the eighties right? Well this is similar:

On The National Review Online, a conservative site, a contributor suggested that "to mier" meant "to put your own allies in the most untenable position possible based upon exceptionally bad decision-making." Contributors to The Reform Club, a right-leaning blog, tried to distinguish between "miered" and "borked." One person wrote that to get "borked" was "to be unscrupulously torpedoed by an opponent" while to get "miered" was to be "unscrupulously torpedoed by an ally."

Ha…Ha…and HA! So who is next Duddya? Your dogwalker? The pool boy? Or one of your hellion twins mayhap? We just might be asking for Old Lady Miers back before long…

Well I am off to bed now. Mid-Term exams suck ass but then that’s nothing new is it? Nighty-night Tennessee State! Sleep tight and don’t let the Lacrosse team bite!

Glamour Diva will sleep the sleep of a student who is done with exams…and that’s some hard ass, deep as hell sleep! And you know this…Maaaaan! - GD

*Tennessee State pics stolen from Totty Land*

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