Santa Claus, Come Straight To The Ghetto

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Dear Santa,

I could write a letter full of heartfelt wishes for world peace, a healthy ozone layer, kittens, rainbows, butterflies and lollipops etc., but I won’t insult your intelligence. If you already know whether I’ve been naughty or nice then you already know that what I really want for Christmas isn’t a warm, fuzzy feeling but really cool stuff! Attached please see my 2005 Christmas List.

Glamour Diva

1 10 year, 5 book deal with Random House
1 Tom Ford as my personal stylists
1 Full set of Luis Vuitton monogram canvas luggage including steamer trunk
7 Hermès scarves, the large ones
52 pairs of Gucci shoes (pumps, mules, sling backs and boots), 1 pair for each week of the year
3 Kate Spade bags: 1 all purpose tote, 1 evening bag and 1 “just for fun” bag
1 Man from this list
1 Summerhouse in the Netherlands, preferable in Rotterdam
1 Jet
1 Lifetime supply of Chanel º5

I know I won’t get many of the things on this list (at least not right now) but a girl can dream can’t she? – GD

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  1. Boriqua 2:52 PM, December 09, 2005
    I'm with you on the book deal and Tom Ford. And you know who I'd pick off of your sushi list. :)
  2. Christabelle 5:39 PM, March 31, 2006
    As far as the men

    Paul Newman!!!!

    If you can put Cary Grant, Wentworth Miller, and Paul Walker on your list, why not Paul Newman?

    Also Kevin Garnett--Center for Minnesota Timberwolves.

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