Wentworth Miller sitting in a tree. . .

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Now, the good Wentworthians (or, do they call themselves Millerians) down at the First Church of Wentworth Miller seem to be obsessed with the fact that old Wenterrific isn’t attached (with Velcro) or tied (with a pretty rainbow colored ribbon) to some buxom Hollywood starlet babe type.

Glamour Diva and galaxyMafia don’t find it odd so much as we find it. . .none of ya damn beeswax, as we say down here in the South.

But, galaxyMafia (who does not associate with the Anti-Went but can feel their pain) has pondered what will happen when the Wenternator finally decides to dabble in that old black magic. . .romance. . .

Now, back on her home planet, galaxyMafia, in another life, was a very tenacious, industrious matchmaker, a honest to goodness intergalactic Emma Woodhouse (go Jane Austen, it’s ya birthday!). She spent countless hours plotting and scheming with the hearts of many an unsuspecting, apathetic suitor, and thus, is more than qualified to help W. Middy pick a shorty, or boo, or whatever.

Presenting. . .Wentworth Miller: The Romance. . .

Could Wentworth handle this spicy, sexy Latina?

= Wenteva

Does Jennifer have a ghost (Whisperer) of a chance?

= Wennifer

Would this tasty hot tamale be too hot?

= Wentina

Could this honey-n-creme be Wenty's dream?

= Wendy

Could Ms. Bryant bring joy to Mr. Miller's world?

= Joyworth

And finally, galaxyMafia's favorite. . .
After all, all men like the taste of chocolate. . .Mr. Miller included!

= Wentrielle

So, folks. . .what do you think?
Which one of these lovely ladies will be crowed : "The new main squeeze of Wentworth Miller"?

copyright 2005. . .galaxyMafia would like Wenty and Gabby to get together but, really, she needs to find her own damn man!


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  1. Boriqua 11:10 AM, December 12, 2005
    I'm cool with Wenteva, Joyworth, and Wentrielle.

    Although if he's as overwhelmed as he seems by his instafame, he'll probably stick with a non-actress. Lucky b!tch.
  2. Anonymous 11:46 AM, December 12, 2005
    I like all your choices, but Wenteva would be the hottest couple EVA!
  3. Anonymous 8:14 PM, December 13, 2005
    I totally dig the joyworth.
  4. Anonymous 10:53 AM, December 14, 2005
    wentrielle, undoubtedly!
    although wentelise would be an intriguing combination (wentworth and kimberly elise).
    just imagine the "eye-mileage" for those two...

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