Sunday Night Videos – 11 All Muscle Edition

Category: , , , By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
This week’s installment of SNV goes out to all you ladies and gentlemen who enjoy a nice, thick slab of beef. We have a few different makes and models but they all have one thing in common – MUSCLE. WOOT!

Weightlifter moons the judges

Ukrainian bodybuilder, featuring a very lucky jockstrap

Gum chewing, stripping bodybuilder

Hot Latino bodybuilder…stripping of course…

Muscle, muscle everywhere and not a brain cell in sight!

An intimate portrait of one man’s struggle to find meaning and a since of justice in the world…as well as finding a hot piece of ass to bury his bone in. I ain’t mad at him!

Until next week America, stay ripped! WOOOOOOOOOOT! – GD

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