Sunday Night Videos – 15

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Beautiful men, beautiful men! Where would we be without beautiful men? Actually we might be happier in general if there were no men but women are creatures of habit as well as slaves to our pheromonal addictions so WTF! Right? Now…can I get a WOOT! WOOT! ladies?

Two of my favorite things: Leather Daddies and Leather Daddies smoking Marlboro Reds!

I don’t know who this “Marcel” kid is but he can wash my car any damn day!

Some kid named Shane showing off. Thanks Shane!

Mutt and Jeff together again, this time working out and yappin’ (presumable about their undying love for each other) in some language I don’t understand

Ooooooo Lawdy, Lawdy! And did I mention..LAWDY!?!?

This last video is a little more risqué then I'd usually post but it’s…just…so…hot…I couldn’t resist posting it! There isn’t any nudity but as always, Not Safe For Work!

The smile at the end makes all the difference doesn’t it? Sigh…

Until next week Dear Readers…Oh I don’t know! Just come back next week for more hot ass men! – GD

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