Red Hot Rugby Love

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"Red Hot Rugby Love"

Starring. . .
All Blacks and Samoans Jerry "JC" Collins and Malili "Mils" Muliaina.

JC is a big, beefy forward who likes to score free food, impress the ladies with his 22-inch guns (biceps) and boast that his knowledge of the Samoan language will enhance his ability to learn French.

Mils is a fiduciary type with a shady financial background thanks to his partner Hayley and a penchant for starting pub brawls in which he ends up with a foot in his ass.

JC is all flash and bravado; and Mils is introspective and self-composed** BUT when these two hot ta death* Samoans get together, they make RED HOT RUGBY LOVE!

*Note: Jerry "JC" Collins is ONLY "hot ta death" from the neck down!!
**Note: That is, when he's not getting beat up, or letting his partner Hayley get him hemmed up in her white collar crime shenanigans

copyright 2006. . .galaxyMafia. . .still thinks Carl Hayman needs to ass up off the tighthead prop position. It should have been Tony Woodcock who got his calf chewed off, not Neemia!!!!!!!


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