I’d Still Hit It! – Partie Cinq

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Ruben Studdard – R&B singer and winner of American Idol – Season 2.

Here is another example of someone who isn’t “technically” homely but in our body obsessed culture F. A. T. always equals U. G. L. Y. so we’ll work from that construct. Now having said that I must admit that Mr. Studdard is definitely not what I’d consider my perfect body type. I prefer a much thinner man, much thinner than most would expect or even be comfortable with, but there is something very appealing about this man just the same and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the dimples and that smooth, chocolaty skin? Is it the perfect smile? Is it his powerful and impassioned singing? Or maybe it’s the fact that I know we could both eat the hell out of some food? Meh, I think it’s all of the above! Well as long as we had a big pot of red beans and rice, some collard greens, cornbread, a Sock It To Me cake and I had a HUGE tumbler of whiskey on the rocks…I’d Still Hit It!

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I hate being on my period. I’m always so damned horny! – GD

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