Just For The Hell Of It – Special Edition: Shamar Moore...NAKED and WET!

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OH...MY...GOODNESS! Damn but that's a fine hunk of honey! Oh and his body is gorgeous too (Ha Ha Ha!). I'll be...thinking...about him just before I go to bed tonight!  Mama Diva has such a crush on him and watches Criminal Minds regularly just to see him and drool. I sent her these photos so I can't wait to see what she says! I'll update you with her comments but until then enjoy the sexy, wet nakedness of Mr. Moore!

I hate giving this guy any sort of credit because he's such an ass but I found the pics of Mr. Moore here. - GD

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  1. singlesista.com 6:45 PM, July 18, 2007
    wow! lol, I agree he's a bit of an ass...but I would have liked to see his ass in these shots after looking at these, LOL LOL

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