ReWax. . .

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Well. . .this is for those of you who can't stand that ubiquitous Rihanna "Umbrella" song. . .and for those (like myself) who just like lookin' at Sione.

By the by, why does Rihanna say, "Um-ba-rella"?

Anyhoo. . .these are the same pics of Lauaki with old video. And yeah, you've seen all this fodder before; it's just "re-WAXed" with a different song so. . .

It's basically "bubblegum" video. . .if ya like it chew it, if ya don't spit it out. . .just make sure ya don't get it stuck under tha bottom of your shoes. . .

copyright 2007. . .gM

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  1. debalina 7:31 PM, July 17, 2007
    I love his hair. I love you Sione!

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