Love You Ahmed! Smooches!

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Ahmed, who is from Mali but currently living (And loving?) in California and working for SBC Yahoo Internet Services, helped me reconnect to the the Internet...after two long ass weeks of waiting very impatiently!  So, you may ask, why should I give a damn?  Well you should give a damn because this means Glamour Diva can now upload all the Sex and the Sushi Does The Rugby World Cup podcasts for all our Dear Listeners!

Can you say...YIPEEEEEE? Um...sorry. Didn't hear you.

But I ain't gonna do it tonight! It's after 8:30pm here in lovely Houston, Texas which means Ms. GD needs to get her tired bones into bed but please don't pout and please don't fret. I will upload our latest shows sometime this weekend so be patient my sweets.

Smooches and Yawns,
Ms. GD

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