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galaxyMafia was trolling the Internet for RUGBY WORLD CUP news this morning, and came upon an article on Yahoo!Xtra Rugby that quite disturbed her. In this article, two (assumingly) logical, sober-minded women – Anna Higgins and Kelly Bree – decided they would do “us girls” a favor an highlight the TOP TEN SEXIEST RUGBY PLAYERS in the RUGBY WORLD CUP.

Intrigued about their choices, galaxyMafia decided to take a look. . .as she scrolled down the page, checking out their selections, she noticed a sickening pattern. . .every last guy picked by these backward-thinking harpies was white and/or had European features!!


Where in the Dickens are the hot ‘Nesians, galaxyMafia wondered, totally gobsmacked. Where was Lauaki??? Tialata? Rodney? Joe "Rock tha cocoa"? And what about all those sexy Tongans and them “hot like fire knife” Samoans??? What about that dark chocolate guy on the French team? What about some non-white South Africans?

The only Nesian guy they chose was Luke McAlister (The Unoffensive Nesian) and he’s so mixed up with various and sundry European ancestry that he hardly counts!

Clearly, Ms. Higgins and Ms. Bree ain’t down with the darker shade of brown? Or more likely, unfortunately, they subscribe to the frighteningly pervasive “European standard of beauty” in which the more you look like a bloody thievin’ colonist, the more handsome and sexy you are. . .

galaxyMafia can’t believe these ladies don’t swoon for Doug Howlett?? Well, maybe 50% Tongan is 50% too much Tongan! That explains why Lauaki, at 100% Tongan, wasn’t chosen, eh?

Listen, galaxyMafia is not the damn opinion police. In fact, she thinks some of the guys those harpies picked are cute, and Ms. GD has already named some of them as “Hot pieces of rugby trash” in the past. Certainly, you can lust after whoever you want but, these “SEXIEST” lists made exclusively of “European” beauties is quite sad.

Anyhoo, you can find the article here http://yahooxtra.net.nz/sport/0,,14606-7918128,00.html along with pictures of the guys they picked.

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*What the bloody hell!

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  1. Debalina 4:55 PM, September 22, 2007
    LOL....is Lukey 1% nesian??? He really is non-offensive!! I think I look more nesian than him and I am a tried and true European shit mix.

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