Oops. . .he did it again!!!

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Thanks to Debalina for breaking this sad, ridiculous news. . .

Once again, Sione has jacked his hair up.

galaxyMafia admits, she was a bit nervous to check out the pix but, once she saw them, she wasn't too upset. . .she was worried he might have braided it, or dreded it, or put a relaxer on it but, basically, it's a fcuked up dye job. . .

copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia is soooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed in you Wax!!!!

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  1. Debalina 6:20 AM, September 28, 2007
    *cries* Why Sione, why????

    You know this is the beginning of the end right? It is only going to get worse. He is going to dye it completely orange next. He had just gotten his hair perfect too.
  2. rwolock 8:27 AM, September 28, 2007
    The IRB have forbidden the Tongan team to all dye their hair green! Why can't they do something about Sione?

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