Somebody Check On New Zealand!

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And somewhere, deep in an undisclosed, heavily wooded area of Wellington, Piri Weepu, Ma’a Nonu and Jimmy Gopperth dance naked around a boiling cauldron under a bright full moon as they giggle with glee at the success of their diabolical handiwork… 

Oooooooo LAAAWD! Who would have thought the mighty, mighty ABs would, nay, COULD be knocked out the RWC in the quarter finals?!? THE QUARTER FINALS YA’LL! Against the much maligned LES BLEUS! I believe the word in French is Chèvre. Daaaaamn!

Final Score: France 20 - New Zealand MmmmmMAAAAAAA!

I checked the news and NZ citizens, while understandably disappointed and maybe even a little angry, seem to be taking this in stride. But, I posit, it’s just the quiet before the storm. Why else would Richie McCaw be crying and Steve Hansen be begging New Zealanders for mercy? I say something wicked is a-brewing down South yo!

So I’m calling on Australia, Tasmania, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Rorotonga and Samoa to keep a close eye on their neighbor. Don’t go over there now! Just keep an eye on them for goodness sakes! If normally law abiding citizens start burning Graham Henry in effigy, demanding that Prime Minister Helen Clark expel all the French and all professional Rugby referees from NZ, as well as refusing to take off their AB fan gear and take a damn shower you’ll know the madness has overtaken a once peaceful, God-fearing people! I beg of you my dears, be ever vigilant so you’ll still have time to figure out a way to contain it and save yourselves!

Damn. This is so sad. Oh well…Vive La France!

In spite of the All Blacks losing I read the French, especially Le Michalak, did the damn thang yo! Woohoo! Is it possible to be completely disheartened as well as absolutely joyous all at the same time? Now this is what I call RUGBY baby! – GD

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  1. Kristin 9:03 AM, October 07, 2007
    I'm so sad.

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