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Glamour Diva and galaxyMafia had the bright idea that it might be cool to chat with our Dear Listeners while we record our next podcast - New Zealand vs. France. So this Friday (October 12) at 7:35 pm Central Standard Time we will open up the chat lines, the email lines, the phone lines (OK maybe not the phone lines) and the Skype lines to anyone who gives a damn! That’s right, The Sushi Girls™ are going interactive! Woohoo!  This is your chance to become a part of our foolishness in ways you’ve never imagined. Or maybe you have imagined it? Look, just give us a buzz and we’ll go from there okay?  Solid!

Email: the_sushi_diaries@yahoo.com
Yahoo! ID: the_sushi_diaries
Skype (Internet call or chat): misssakamoto

Time Conversions
7:35pm CST=
12:35:00 a.m. Saturday October 13 in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
02:35:00 a.m. Saturday October 13 in Johannesburg
08:35:00 a.m. Saturday October 13 in Hong Kong
10:35:00 a.m. Saturday October 13 in Sydney
01:35:00 p.m. Friday October 12  in Samoa

Glamour Diva and galaxyMafia

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