Put a choke hold on ya n!gga. . .

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Warning Signs

One day, it’s “I changed my mind”
The next day, “You make me sick”
Don’t like my choices
Can’t make the decision stick
And deep in my heart,
I don’t care that he’s fat
I see his pics, and I say
“I wanna climb on that”
And I know you’re his girl
You’re gonna be his wife
Hey, sweetie, don’t trip, don’t pull no knife
I’m too far away to cause any strife
Yeah, bitch, you have a reason to smile
A reason to be glad for the miles
Between me and him
If not for that ocean, your chances would be slim
You’d have to watch ya back, ‘cause I’d be like the grim
Reaper, detonating your relationship, ripping it apart
I’d pry open your hand, snatch away his heart
But for right now, don’t worry
I really ain’t in no hurry
To get to NZ but, you never know
So don’t be a silly ho
Put tha n!gga on lock, and swallow the key
Cause if I come down there
He’ll be all on me
And you’ll wonder why,
And all you’ll do is cry
Be on suicide watch, wanting to die
And you won’t believe it, won’t understand
How I walked in ya house, and stole ya man
So you got him right now
But you don’t get a gold star
He’d be with galaxyMafia
If she weren’t so far. . .
. . .above him. . .

copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia asks that you please not take this to heart. . .she was bored at her computer and didn't have sh!t else to do. . .she is NOT trying to take Neemia from "Sally"; galaxyMafia is a nice Southen girl and she is willing to share. . .


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  1. Kristin 3:24 PM, November 06, 2007
    This is priceless!
  2. Anonymous 7:09 PM, May 14, 2010
    and you are a loser with no life

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