Tialata's Revenge!!! (part deux)

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Not that you give a ish but. . .when we last left our fat, dark antihero, he had just discovered www.sexandthesushi.blogspot.com, and he was pissed. Like, hands around Richie McCaw's neck pissed. And he vowed to get those Sushi b!tches!!!

In Tialata's Revenge, part 2, you'll find a new format (avec music. . .feelin' kinda French at the moment for some odd reason) and that our fat, dark antihero has come up with a diabiolical plot to put ya girls in tha dirt!!!!

And now, w/o further ado about nothing. . .

copyright 2008. . .galaxyMafia

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  1. Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia 8:03 PM, April 09, 2008
    LOVES IT! lol

    Ms. GD
  2. Anonymous 6:59 PM, May 14, 2010
    you really have no fucken friends huh?? obviously.. you no life mental handicap bitch
  3. Anonymous 5:01 PM, January 29, 2011
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