Tasty Monday…Or New Ways To Pass The Time During The Fox Imposed “Pretty” Drought

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To keep myself from becoming a broken woman after November 28, I’ve decided to begin the weaning process now, sort of like my own methadone treatment plan.

You have to fight pretty with pretty and what better way to do that than with Brazilian Models! Why Brazil you ask? Well I think Brazilians are beautiful people and that’s why I dig them! [¡Que Lindo! (I know that’s Spanish but I don’t speak Portuguese)] Actually, I have a particular fondness for all things Afro-Latin: Brazil, Puerto Rico (¡Boriqua!), Panamá, La República Dominica, Cuba, etc. There is just something so striking about that Spanish/Indigenous Peoples/African mix! [¡La gente está muy fascinando!]

For the next few weeks I will make El sacrificio grande and scour the net for beautiful Latino men for you to drool over. Please don’t thank me. I know it’s a difficult, time consuming task but I do it because I love you!

Consider this your methadone dose for the day:

From The First Church Of Wentworth Miller thread on Television Without Pity

LiylaZ, a self-described loyal viewer, had this to say:

Ladies, I have a theory for the mystery of the blue steel--According to the People interview, Wentworth has been single for over a year, right? And we know that he's too busy to have a relationship right now, right? Well, if that's the case, then perhaps the reason behind all those incredibly hot, intense gazes is that he has an excess of sexual energy pent up, and his eyes are a means to express those feelings. Like, I'm sure ya'll know how men get this really hot look in their eyes when they want to get it on--maybe Wentworth's mesmerizing gaze is a result of sexuality that is begging to be satisfied? In other words, perhaps he needs to have the brains screwed out of him. And because Wentworth has naturally gorgeous eyes, it only adds to the intensity of the gaze. So, maybe when he's doing a particularly blue-steely shot, he fixes an image of a woman he's about to make love to--after so long without sex--in his mind, and thus achieves the intensity that would otherwise be nigh impossible for a regular man.

¡Glamour Diva es una “Gasolina”! - GD

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  1. Anonymous 3:45 PM, November 23, 2005
    well,I just don't know if I can argue with that.Although,I have to say some ladies have too much time on their hands.LOL.
  2. Boriqua 7:06 PM, November 23, 2005
    Hmmm...Karim Aum will do during the next few Wentworth-free months (thank God for Tivo). Excellent choice in men, as usual. :) Where, oh, where, do you find these hotties?
  3. Sex and the Sushi 11:43 AM, November 25, 2005
    Oh my dear, sweet Boriqua...if I told you I'd have to kill you! LOL But seriously, I really do find them surfing the web. Stay tuned for Monday, I'll be adding three more calientes!

    Glamour Diva

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