Wentworth + Gabrielle = Box office gold

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Wentworth Miller fans rejoice!

galaxyMafia has heard your mournful lamentation concerning the fall season finale of "Prison Break" and she, much like that poon hound Bill Clinton, feels your pain.

Because galaxyMafia is a kind and gracious shrew, she has created, for your pleasure, fan fiction in the form of a delightful romantic comedy called, "Ain't that a kick in the head?". It stars Wentworth Miller and Gabrielle Union as an odd couple falling in and out and upside down and right side up and in and out of love!

It's produced by Dreamworks and directed by Nora Ephron. It is written, of course, by galaxyMafia.

Went and Gabby will be called Went and Gabby. Went will play this guy with a hit show and Gabby will be a gal sort of down on her luck because her show just got cancelled.

There will be fireworks, cotton candy and plenty of sappy romance!!!!

I'll write the first installment in a few days. First, I have to go and slave for the good folks down a Barnes and Noble. (Go Brice!! You cheeky bookseller!!!)

galaxyMafia. . .is kinda sorta excited about writing this. . .for right now anyway but, like all things, she expects this feeling to quickly peter off into crushing apathy. . .sigh

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  1. Boriqua 10:38 AM, November 28, 2005
    Your story has potential. Went and Gabby look lovely together.

    BTW--I used to toil for B&N, as well. Three years, in fact. Lord, I miss the discount, especially since Christmas is approaching.
  2. anybody 9:18 PM, November 28, 2005
    I'm waiting to read the script!

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