Oh My Goodness! Oh My Goodness!

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I promised myself I wouldn’t write anymore drooling posts on The Pretty until he did something worthy of aggravating my carpal tunnel or until Prison Break retuned but as Florida Evans said, damn…damn…DAMN!

When I saw this pic (Entertainment Weekly-December 05) on the First Church I literally called out to the good Lord! Talk about sexy muthafuckas (Mr. Miller, not the Lord, but bigups to The Great I Am just the same for creating Mr. Miller)!

I bet the congregants at TFCoWM have already found out what brand of jeans he’s wearing and what size they are as well as where he bought them and what he said to the lucky sales clerk who checked him out! I further bet that said jeans will be bought by the congregation and made into an altar covering! [Ha!]

I just love his whole stance with the thumbs hooked in his front pockets and the way he’s looking at the camera…looking at me! Pardon me Dear Readers, I feel a fan girl scream coming on…


There, that’s better. Sigh.

And again I say…DAMN! Oh and Merry Christmas!– GD

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  1. Raqs 10:57 AM, December 28, 2005
    That's all the squeeing you could muster? Shame on you, GD! :D

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