You Talk Too Much! Homeboy (Or Girl) You Never Shut Up!

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Hello Dear Readers! Ms. GD is back again with her current list of the three people she’d most like to see Shut The Hell Up. I know what you’re thinking – Who in the Sam Hill does Ms. GD think she is? What gives her the right to stifle anyone? Answer: My Superior Intellect that’s what!

So as usual, if you don’t agree with my “fanatical views” you can go sit in the corner, in the fetal position, sulking and sucking your thumb. If you do agree or you just like reading my paltry opinions, then please do read on…

This week’s list of people whose lips I’d like to permanently zip are:

Condoleezza Rice – Tie that shit off! Girl, I know you just doing your job and I feel you...really I do...but no one believes you [I doubt you even believe you!] so why keep talking about it? The whole world knows that not only does the United States torture people but that it is fully sanctioned by Halliburton, er I mean the “US Government”. You look like a damn fool yammering on and on to anyone with ears about how the US would never place electrodes on someone’s testicles! I hate to see a sister go out like this but you brought it on yourself when you picked the red team. The only way you can preserve any of your hard fought for respect and dignity is to go quietly when Dubbya’s term is over. Spend a year or two relaxing, get laid, get a mani-pedi, even work on your memoirs but remember sistagirl, until the book comes out - Shut Up!

Senator Joe Lieberman – Shut your yap! Before you start calling Ms GD an Anti-Semite, let me just state for the record that this is so not about Mr. Lieberman’s ethnicity/religion [Glamour Diva is an equal opportunity trash talker]. This is about his supreme stupidity and nothing more. And to think, I once believed he’d make a good Vice President [Come back robotic yet strangely alluring Al Gore! We hardly knew ye...]! What the hell is up with him and his unfailing, erroneous support of the war and Dubbya? And why does he insist on yelling his thoughts from the mountain top? Does Dick Cheney have pictures of him eating shellfish while renting porn after sundown on the Sabbath? There’s a famous quote that I’ll paraphrase here; it goes a little something like this: It is better to have people think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right. Shut Up!

Bill O’Reilly– Stifle yourself! When he was on Inside Edition he wasn’t nearly as megalomaniacal as he is now. But that’s what happens when Fox News throws money at you and gives you free rein to be as obnoxious and uninformed as your little stone heart desires. Poor, ignorant Bill. Does he really think we give a damn about his list of people he thinks are “Enemies of The State and Bill O’Reilly”? Does he really think he’s as important as The State?!?!? Talk about delusional! And what is this bullshit about some evil, liberal plot to take the Christ out of Christmas? You’d think being publicly denounced as a cad would keep him from throwing religious and/or moral stones at others but noooooooo, the hits just keep on coming with Old Man O’Reilly. I bet it’s cold as fuck living in a glass house, in the dead of winter, with big, gaping holes in the walls. But alas, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for his trifling ass. Shut Up!

Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!

Glamour Diva’s house is made of the same space aged, NASA developed material they make those “memory foam” mattresses out of. - GD

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  1. anybody 11:12 PM, December 20, 2005
    Say it like you mean it! Ain't nobody else who can tell 'em to shut their yaps quite like you can, and I love your style.

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