. . .because the point of this blog is. . .

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. . .to objectify good-looking men with spectacluar bodies.

Recently, galayMafia began to think about how the focus of the blog was changing. Glamour Diva and I went from "Tasty Monday" to political ranting and fan fiction. I suppose it was only natural that we would have to be histrionic about some issues and make copious miration (GD's favorite word) about other (seemingly) important topics but, galaxyMafia misses the old days when GD and I would look at a man, pronounce him hot and sexy and then get back to the things that really mattered. . .

And just so ya know, nothing really matters. . .

So, without further ado about nothing, enjoy!!


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  1. anybody 5:42 PM, February 01, 2006
    Now that's a tease!

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