Wentworth Miller Takes The UK...Nay The World...By Storm!

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So there I was, sitting in the bookstore, minding my own damn business and thumbing through Great Britain’s OK! Magazine to see what our tea sipping cousins across the Atlantic are up to when…Holy Smokes and Gee Whiz!...I turned the page and saw my baby daddy staring back at me in all his 9 ½ x 13 glory!

And it happened again Dear Readers; I made “the sound”. You know the one – the half sigh, half orgasmic murmur you make when you see someone so fantasmagorically hot that mere words just won’t do? Yes people turned and stared but I didn’t care! I just sat there staring into his strangely blue-tinted eyes and muttering incomprehensibly to myself. Thank the heavens my cable knit sweater soaked up all the droll because if it hadn’t there would be one very warped, wooden table at Bookstop right now!

Anyway, back to the ad in the magazine…It’s good to see the producers are using the same tactics they used here in the US-saturate the media with photographs of Mr. Miller to get people to watch the show. It appears to be working. I’ve read several reviews and Brit and Aussie audiences seem to be as taken by The Pretty and Prison Break as we Americans are. They’re even comparing it to current ratings powerhouses 24, Lost and Desperate White Women…er, I mean Desperate Housewives as one of the best television shows to come out of the US in years! Go Paul Scheuring! It’s ya birthday!

Sigh and double sigh. March 20th can’t come fast enough… – GD

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