Hell Hath No Fury Like Glamour Diva Not Attributed!

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Well howdydo Dear Readers! Ms. GD had a whole other sexy blog entry that she was working on but something interesting popped up a few days ago and she just had to write about it!

First let me say that this post will undoubtedly cost me some readers but hey, since when have you known Ms. GD to back down from anything? If fear of retribution from dissing Halliburton doesn’t frighten me then why should the thought of pissing off a few people stop me? Particularly when they are so very wrong…dead wrong…

It was recently brought to my attention that : Kabesa, a member of The First Church of Wentworth Miller, had used one of my posts as her own. Ms. GD was understandably upset; after all, no one wants to be plagiarized. But instead of tearing her clothes and screaming why me all day she decided she’d take action.

The first thing the always level headed Ms. GD did was send an email to the administrators of Makeup Alley and informed them that Kabesa had used Ms. GD's blog entry without proper attribution and that they and she had two choices, remove the post altogether or attribute it to me and my blog. I also threatened legal action if this was not done. When I got home today I'd received this very nice email from Makeup Alley:

Hi [Ms. GD’s real name deleted] ,

I have asked the woman that wrote the entry to change it as per your request. I will let you know once the change is made. By the way, she is not presenting it as her own, her subject says that is from a random blog entry. However, I agree that the source should be properly acknowledged.


Ms. GD is still pissed that this cow (actually, that’s an insult to cows) Kabesa used her post without attributing it to her but what’s done is done. I can only hope that this public embarrassment has taught her a lesson and that she will never fuck with Ms. GD or her intellectual property ever again! Ms. GD will also go so far as to say that if she ever met KaBitcha in a dark alley that the Stank Ho better be packing because it’s true, I do own a fourteen inch, serrated, hunting knife named Insensitive and I’m not afeared to use it. You heard me right KaBitcha – I’ll cut’cha ass!

Now on to the part that will surely piss everybody off…

As much as I go on and on about how stupid men are they really aren’t so bad. At least you always know that stupidity awaits you at every turn and that sort of consistency can be comforting. But then God had to go and mess it up for poor, stupid Adam by creating the intellectually superior yet far more irritating woman. Yes you read that right; I said women are irritating! You all know it’s true – get more than one woman in a group and watch that group fall completely to pieces. Wait a minute, let me amend that statement…get more than one heterosexual woman in a group and watch that group fall completely to pieces! People talk about Lesbians with their U-Haul trailers, Birkenstocks, Lillith Fair and what not but everybody knows when you want to get something done (and done right) and you don’t want all your intelligence sucked out of your brain and man stank lingering in your nostrils you’d best call in a Lesbian! Don’t believe me? Ask a Gay man!

Seriously people, women are too damn smart and too damn competitive and fo sho to damn diabolical for their own damn good! We never have to worry about men fucking our shit up because we do such a good job of it ourselves.

Case in point: The First Church of Wentworth Miller has a splinter group who have dedicated themselves to KaBitcha bashing. Apparently the crazy heifer got so far out of hand on the Television Without Pity sponsored forum that they felt the need to join another forum just so they could be free to call KaBitcha out her name without fear of retribution. [To my informants, and you know who you are, don’t worry. The Code Of The Ghetto is thou shalt not drop a dime on thine own fellow congregants…even if they deserve to be outed for being such poor Wentians! Remember what The Pretty said on Leno about respecting people, no matter what?] Now Ms. GD understands the need to get your frustrations off your chest and also the need to commiserate with others who share your frustrations. But this is a bit much ladies! As my mother would say, one KaBitcha…er, I mean Monkey don’t stop no show! Why are you letting this woman (and I use the word loosely) run you away from TFCoWM? The bottom line is that until she does something to piss TWoP off she has just as much right to be there, crazy ass and all, as anyone else. Here’s my unasked for advice:

You either, a) Continue to behave like preschoolers and neener neener behind her back or b) Take up a collection the help Maichan and Mrethwyll build yawl an official TFCoWM Forum on the official TFCoWM webpage where you can don your brown shirts and shiny jack boots and kick folk off whenever you damn well please or my favorite…C) IGNORE HER ASS! Remember, you are the grownup…she’s the emotionally stunted, sack of otter feces…not the other way around.

But most of all please try to remember that this is just the damn Internet! I know some of you have bonded over The Pretty and become BFFs but still…IT’S JUST THE DIGGITY DAMN INTERNET! So just relax, relate and release ladies. And when you start to feel like you just can’t take KaBitcha’s tinafoolery any longer take a step back and think how wonderful it is that you aren’t living in Baghdad right now, afraid to walk into the supermarket or the back room in your Masjid for fear of finding a shit load of dead bodies or that you aren’t a pregnant woman in South Dakota in desperate need of an abortion without enough cash to leave the state. Just keep repeating, It’s Just The Damn Internet… It’s Just The Damn Internet… It’s Just The Damn Internet…

And further more, the next time you heifers see some shit about Ms. GD don’t wait four muthafuckin' days to tell a sister! That’s right, I already knew about KaBitcha but I continued to lurk to see just how long it was going to take one of you to drop me a damn email. That’s some shady shit ladies! What does it matter if I’m a registered member or not? I’m on Frappr and I give yawl triflin’ heifers props on my blog. Isn’t that good enough? I know if I saw somebody taking credit for one of Maichan’s manipulations you can best believe I wouldn’t wait FOUR days to holla at her about it! So here’s hoping I never have to sit through the following ever again:

Splinter thread started on Mar 7, 2006

First mention that something might be amiss with one of KaBitcha’s posts - Mar 10, 2006 (page 5)

_________, I thought that K-virginity post was really familiar(sic) too! I was racking my tiny head trying to figure out where I had seen it before - it had to be somewhere at TWoP.

Eureka! Someone does some digging and finds it - Mar 11, 2006 (page 6)

__________-I couldn't sleep-so here is what I did. I read your post over and you mentioned a church member might have posted the virgin/sex post on K-bitch's LJ? Bingo! It took me some time but I didn't earn my church stripes for nothin'-and I bring it to ya raw they way Glamour Diva likes it.


I knew the second I read the LJ post by K-bitch that I too had read it somewhere else before. I just had to remember who posted it. Oh yeah, what a fake ass biotch. I wonder if GD knows she ripped her off? And GD posted this before K-bitch so she can't say it was her witty post either-I checked dates on both posts. GD wins by a week. If she is going to steal at least do it better than this. And stealing from a church member no less-I think she is anyway?! Not very becoming of a Church member either-grounds for excommunication-hell yes! LOL.

First mention that Ms. GD might need to be informed - Mar 11, 2006 (page 7)

i can't believe this shit. that is absolutely outrageous. has anyone informed glamourdiva that her story has been plagiarized by kabesa? 'cause you know i'm itching to do so. hehe

Second mention that Ms. GD might need to be informed Monday 13 (page 10)

Oh hey - has NO ONE informed GlamourDiva about the story thingy? *rubbing hands gleefully * Teeeheee.... Can I? Can I?

And from today (or maybe yesterday, Ms. GD can’t remember)

I forgot about that _________, I think K-bitch should be busted fro(sic) stealing GD's post-or the majority of it anyway. I think it would be fun to see her rip her a new one. I say go for it! And should you-I expect all the gory details! I'm evil that way!

I have gone ahead and let GD know about it....Let's sit back and enjoy the fireworks!!

I dropped her an email too. Judging from her response I think she's going to BLOG about it! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Heeeeeheeee heee eheeeeeehehee heeeee hee heee I can't stop giggling

That’s just a damn shame. You know you aint right…GD


7 comments so far.

  1. Not Sylvia Fowler 2:13 AM, March 15, 2006
    You know, TMC was showing The Women this evening.
  2. Sex and the Sushi 6:39 AM, March 15, 2006

    I LOVE that movie! It's funny but so very true ya know? Thanks for the comment Not Sylvia!

  3. allheavens 11:03 AM, March 15, 2006
    Remember, GD it IS just the Internet.

    On one hand you rant about "KaBitcha" plagiarizing your material and call her a "sack of otter feces,” then on the other spank the splinter group (what are they a terrorist cell?) for what you consider infantile behavior.

    And posting those comments for the exclusive purpose of humiliating them is exhibiting the same "infantile" behavior.

    Also how do you know if they still do or do not post at the other forum or if the new forum is just for KaBitcha bashing?

    I've always found your blog to be amusing, at times downright hilarious and always insightful but never truly spiteful. I hope to read more of your "amusing insights" in the future.

    To quote you: "Now Ms. GD understands the need to get your frustrations off your chest and also the need to commiserate with others who share your frustrations. But this is a bit much ladies!"
  4. Anonymous 12:18 PM, March 15, 2006
    Miss GD,

    Can I get a hint of where this new forum is? You know mutual interests and all.
  5. Sex and the Sushi 12:25 PM, March 15, 2006
    To All Those Concerned With This Situation:

    Glamour Diva is finished with this topic and is moving on. She sincerely hopes that all of you are capable of going the same.


    Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes. – Walt Whitman
  6. TooBad 1:49 AM, March 16, 2006
    I don't see the validity tearing down or poking fun at people that actually had your best interests in mind.

    "You don't shit where you eat", and honey, you just made a big smelly one.
  7. Anonymous 6:13 PM, March 16, 2006
    I checked out the site... seems that she has yet to rectify the situation.... DIrrrrrty!!!

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