Bulletproof Love - The (damn) End

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"I can't hate you. . .though I have tried. I still really, really love you. . .love is stronger than pride. . ."

"Stronger Than Pride" lyrics and music by Sade

Gabrielle stared at him in disbelief.

She wanted to run away but she couldn’t move, her feet felt glued to the floor. What had happened to the Wentworth she knew, she thought, the man who would kill himself before even thinking about hurting her?

She hardly knew the man standing before her now.

“Say something dammit!,” he barked.

Gabrielle sighed, “And what should I say to that? Am I your prisoner now?”

It was Wentworth’s time to sigh. “Why are you always so muthafuckin’ literal?”

“And why do you not remember that I hate it when you cuss me out?” she said, lunging for him.

Wentworth grabbed her hands before she could make contact. In one quick move he yanked her hands behind her back. They were now pressed against each other, heaving chest to heaving chest.

“Kiss me,” he demanded.

“Fuck you,” she sneered and spat in his face.

Wentworth's smile was wicked. He picked Gabrielle up and threw her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" She screamed, pummeling his back with her fists but he didn’t flinch as he took the stairs two at a time. He kicked in several doors before finding the right one – her bedroom. Once there he tossed her on the bed. Gabrielle tried to scurry away but he caught her by the ankles and pulled her back across the bed.

“Let me go you sick sonofabitch,” she screamed, kicking him in the throat.

Wentworth was temporarily stunned but immediately regained his composure and jumped on the bed, straddling her. Wentworth slapped her again then grabbed her arms, pinning them over her head.

“You’ve been through some tough shit today. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t take advantage of you and the state you’re in right now?”

“I’m not in a state Went,” she said, struggling against his grasp, “I mean, not anymore,” she said as she kneed him in the back.

Wentworth cried out in pain but he didn’t release her. “You haven’t called me Went in months,” he said, “The only time you ever called me that was when you wanted me to lay all this dick on you,” he said with an evil grin.

She could feel his erection lingering between her breasts. She’d forgotten what a big boy Wentworth was. He was always a “grower, not a shower”. Against her better judgment she relaxed against his grip. “If I do this will you leave me alone…forever?”

“No deals,” he growled, “I want you now. All of you.”

“What the hell does that mean?” she said, stiffening again.

"You remember Barbados don’t you, Gabrielle? You remember the night I made you come six times in a row?”

Gabrielle glared at him, “Kiss my ass. I’ll never let you make me come again.”

“You ‘bout to come right now, bitch,” Wentworth laughed, as he ripped her blouse almost completely from her body.

Gabrielle screamed and kicked but Wentworth was unrelenting in his perverted, angry passion. He reached for the waistband of her skirt, pulling with such force that Gabrielle rose up off the bed.

“Stop squirming,” he said, scowling, “On second thought, keep squirming. I always loved the way you moved underneath me when I fucked you.”

Gabrielle yanked her hand away and slapped him, dragging her nails down the side of his face, drawing blood. She wanted to kill him, to cut his heart out but her body was betraying her. She felt herself growing wet, anticipating his cock inside her.

Wentworth felt her body relaxing, responding to him in spite of her protests. He took a chance and released her other hand. She didn’t move; just as he suspected. He unbuckled his brown belt slowly, teasingly. He slid it off and then used it to bind her wrists to the headboard. He stood up from the bed and unzipped his pants, letting them fall casually to the floor. Wentworth was so hard now that over half of his cock was sticking out of the hole in the front of his black boxer briefs. He slowly slid his underwear off then crawled back onto the bed. He straddled her again, this time sitting just over her pubis; grinding his erection against her.

Gabrielle moaned but refused to look at him, staring up at the ceiling. Wentworth grabbed her face, forcing her to look at him while he continued to grind against her. “Look at me bitch,” he whispered. With his other hand he reached between her legs and ripped he panties off. He shoved three fingers inside her pussy. Gabrielle gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“You’re so wet Gabby. Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

She couldn’t hold back any longer. “Just shut the hell up asshole and put that talented tongue to work.”

Wentworth chuckled mirthlessly, “No one ever got me as hot and no one tastes as good as you either Gabby,” he said as he took in the pungent aroma of her sex. Wentworth crawled between Gabrielle’s legs and placed them over his shoulders. At first he just ran his nose up and down between her lips then eventually licking the lips until they parted all by themselves. Gabrielle squirmed and arched her back so he knew he was on the right track. Next he opened her lips to reveal her shiny, wet clitoris. Gabrielle called out at that moment, the air hitting her clit sending shockwaves through her body. Wentworth flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and watched her shiver. He didn’t want to move too fast so he moved down and licked the inside of her lips, occasionally poking his tongue into her vagina. Was it possible that she tasted better than he remembered? He decided he would ponder this at another time as Gabrielle was squirming almost out of reach.

Wentworth reached underneath her and cupped her ass in his hands, holding her still. He licked, sucked and kissed her pussy lips until his face was wet with her juice. Paying no mind to her discomfort, he pulled Gabrielle closer to him then flipped her over so that she was now on top of him.

Gabrielle called out in pain from the belt biting into her flesh but she didn’t miss a beat. She placed her weight against the headboard and proceeded to fuck Wentworth’s face. The sight of that pretty face buried deep in her pussy was almost too much for her. She came quickly but she wasn’t done. She knew she had another one inside her and that Wentworth and his devilish tongue would find it. He was holding her hips tightly as she rocked back and forth on his face. When she felt him use his thumbs to pull her lips apart she almost came again. When he sucked her entire clit into his mouth and rolled it back and forth across his tongue…she did.

“Oh fuck yes Went! Yes! Yes!”

Wentworth slid from underneath her and untied the belt to release her. He reached out to pull her close to him but she recoiled at his touch. Wentworth was not deterred; he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. He brought her face to his and kissed her, pulling her even closer until they were skin on skin. He held her trembling body until her breathing and evened out. He kissed her quivering lips again. He kissed her neck and her chest, working his way to her succulent breasts. He gently licked each of her dark brown nipples until they stood at attention.

Despite herself, Gabrielle began to move against him.

He felt her snake her hand down between them and encircle his still raging cock with her hand. The faster she stroked him, the faster he lapped at her nipples.

“You want me to stick this hard cock inside you baby?” he purred as she gripped his member firmly.

“So you’re giving me a choice now?” she snarked.

Wentworth stared deeply into her eyes, “You’ve always had a choice Gabby.”

“The condoms are in the nightstand…”

Wentworth reluctantly released Gabrielle long enough to open the nightstand drawer to retrieve the condom. He moved between Gabrielle’s legs and placed the condom on his penis. He lowered himself to kiss her then slowly inserted his throbbing cock into her pussy. Wentworth gasped as his body melted into hers. Gabrielle’s legs were so tight around his waist that me could barely move. She tried to kiss him but the sensations were so strong that she ended up panting directives into his mouth; harder, more to the left, slower, don’t stop.

Wentworth knew he couldn’t stop, not until his body gave out. All the anger and resentment and yes even love had had built up inside him for far too long. He wanted her to feel every once of the desire and desperation he’d felt for the last few months.

He wanted to stay inside her forever, so deep inside her that she’d become a part of him and never leave him again.

The room reverberated with her screams of ecstasy and the deafening sound of Wentworth’s rapturous yelp of satisfaction.

Moments later, while basking in the afterglow, Wentworth stroked her cheek gently, and softly kissed her forehead. “I never meant to hurt you. . .I never felt so out of control. The thought of you leaving me is too much for me to bear. I have to have you in my life. I love you so much.”

“Wentworth, sweetheart,” Gabby smiled, running her finger down the side of his face. “You’ll get over it. . .”

The Damn end

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed the ending.

copyright 2006 galaxyMafia

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  1. n9smx 3:45 PM, March 17, 2006
    Even though I enjoyed Bulletproof Love, I am truly shocked at the last couple of posts.

    I am under the impression that you only visit other website in order to have something to humiliate people with.
  2. allheavens 1:34 AM, March 18, 2006
    I once found this blog, funny, snarky and entertaining but now I find it to be…well just too fucking dumb.

    DAMN, galaxyMafia and Ms. GD, you post a nine part serial featuring two actors, one being Wentworth Miller and have posted at least five blog entries directly concerning Miller including one entitled "Wentworth Miller - The Obsession Begins".

    And now you have the audacity to cyberly spank and humiliate the women at The First Church of Wentworth Miller because of their participation in a fan forum! And when did the two of you become privy to what Mr. Miller would or would not find "revolting and repulsive".

    Ms. GD your little rant the other day was appalling enough but I guess you girls don't take the advice you so readily dispense. I see that you have "donned your brown shirts and shiny jack boots" and for the last few days have been playing dress-up, verbally goose-stepping all over your own sex.

    Your blog is just that your blog and I'll defend your first amendment rights with my last drop of blood.

    But please ladies, stop impersonating two supposedly mature human beings who through no fault of their own just happen to luxuriate in the humiliation of their fellow females (because, gee y'all their just so damn silly).

    Honey, the two of you should just man-up and embrace your inner "two-year-old fascist bitch".
  3. Sex and the Sushi 12:29 AM, March 19, 2006
    All Heavens. . .

    Sweetie, it's not even that deep for you to get that upset. You don't even know me. I should not even be on your mind.

    But if getting all that off your chest makes you feel better then I suppose all is right with the world.

    On behalf of the great nation of Texas, you have a blessed evening.
  4. Anonymous 6:28 PM, March 19, 2006
    ok anyways--
    I'd just like to say I've been reading the ficlet from the very beginning,and I have to say I'm still slightly in shock...I couldn't wait for them to get it on,but-damn-it exceeded all my expectations.The fic was sleazy,passionate,insane,comedic and entirely enjoyable.Well done.I was (on first read) diappointed with the fact that there was no discernable resolution,but on second reading,I thought the ending was perfect.
  5. Anonymous 8:40 PM, March 22, 2006
    Nice ending, and you left room for more. And on behalf of the rest of the great nation of Texas, Thanks!

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