For you I will. . .TASTY MONDAY

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TASTY MONDAY. . .Or, you always want what you can’t (legally) have!

NAME: Teddy Geiger

AGE: 17 (young, succulent, tender chicken! Yum! Yum!)

HEIGHT: Don’t know but let’s hope he hasn’t stopped growing!

WEIGHT: A tad lean for galaxyMafia but, once again, she will keep hope alive and assume he will bulk up later.

WHY SUSHI SHOULD BE EATEN OFF HIM: Because of those gorgeous lyrics to his hit, “For You I Will (Confidence)”.

Wondering the streets, in a world underneath it all
Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet
As what I can't have
Like you and the way that you're twisting your hair round your finger
Tonight I'm not afraid to tell you
What I feel about you.
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
and cannon ball into the water
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will
Forgive me if I stutter
From all of the clutter in my head
Cuz I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed
Do I seem familiar, i've crossed you in hallways
a thousand times, no more camouflage
I want to be exposed, and not be afraid to fall.

Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, don't you play with my emotions! (sigh)

ON WHAT PART OF THE BODY SHOULD YOU EAT THE SUSHI OFF HIM: Those plumped up, flavor-injected lips!!

WHERE SHOULD YOU BE WHEN YOU EAT THE SUSHI OFF HIM: In the studio, trying to warble a remake of Mimi’s “Vision of Love”. You remember it. . .Treated me kind, sweet destiny!

WHEN SHOULD YOU EAT SUSHI OFF HIM: Before his bedtime or after he takes the SAT. Don’t want him to be stressed and figgety. Also, be mindful of his curfew, ladies!

PROPENSITY FOR VIOLENCE: How roughneck can a guy named “Teddy” be?

STALKER QUOTIENT: 1370. . .or, is that his SAT score. . .no, wait, that’s Brice’s SAT score!

SHOULD/COULD/WOULD YOU QUIT YOUR JOB FOR HIM: Normally, I’d say no because he hasn’t quite blown up the spot just yet. He has the dirty pipe bomb but, he still needs to set it off. However, considering where I find myself working these days, I’d quit my job for just about anybody. Except Wentworth Miller. (KA-POW! Take that you obsessed brujas!)

IS HE WORTH FIGHTING TEN THOUSAND SCREAMING, CRYING, KVETCHING FAN GIRLS OVER? Sorry, Ted. GalaxyMafia has been there, beat the shit out of those bitches already, although, at the time, they were Backstreet fans (ALRIGHT!!)

copyright 2006
GalaxyMafia. . .loves to make a fool of herself doing karoke. . .you can catch her at the Richmond Arms. She’ll be on stage right after the drunk Scotsmen!! Dig that frosty burr, baby!!

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  1. Anonymous 10:29 PM, April 03, 2006
    Teddy looks to girly to eat sushi off of. Is that Teddy or is it a young Liv Tyler? I just can't tell!!!

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