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Ah…TV Doctors! Watching these men work their petroleum jelly on the small screen gives us heart palpitations but who is the hottest? Do you cut for Dr. Gonzo Gates? Would you ingest lighter fluid just to get Dr. Carter’s healing hands on your body? Would you consider a complete plastic surgery overhaul just for the smallest chance of a private consultation with Dr. Troy? I KNOW I could make myself projectile vomit if it would get me some alone time in a locked exam room with Dr. House!

Check out our updated web poll (on your right) and make your voice heard! If you don’t see your favorite “Hot Doc”, type his name (and the reason why he sends you into convulsive fits of delight) in the comments section of the poll or drop us an email. If we get enough responses we might write a whole blog entry on your choices! - GD

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  1. Anonymous 10:41 PM, April 07, 2006
    For those of us who are still fans of General Hospital, we are getting a first hand look on how dreamy doctors can turn into dreary doctors. Nevertheless, my vote goes to not the senior Dr. Drake (Rick Springfield), but the younger Dr. Drake. Patrick Drake. He is currently being played by Jason thompson and boy is H-O-T!!! Hot enough to cook the sushi before I get a chance to eat it off of him. Being a bad boy also helps! Check him out.
  2. Sabra 11:18 PM, April 07, 2006
    Many women may fall for the arrogant asshole Dr. House...but not I. I resist his petulant personality. The stinch of his arrogance overwhelms me. However, I do watch the show for the other two fabulous pieces of eye candy on the show. Reminds me of the barcadi rum and coke commercials - Mr. Omar Epps and Mr. Jesse Spencer AKA Dr. Foreman and Dr. Chase, respectively. Both of these mean light my fire in differing ways. Dr. Foreman's righteous indignation is sexy and Dr. Chase's subtle naivete is sensual. My vote goes to both of them...at the same time. hee hee!

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