Sunday Night Videos – 4

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This is the All Speedo Edition. Ready…set…WOOT!

Some Himbo named Josh Henderson from a movie I’ve never heard of called Leeches!.

Sydney 2006 video from Chris Geary (or what I like to call, “Buldge Beach”)

Try to ignore the cheesy soundtrack from Survivor and just enjoy the cheekiness (and I mean that literally) of Australia’s Iron Man competitors.

Has-been Kevin Peake for the now defunct show Manhunt, Bravo’s answer to America’s Next Top Model. Shhhhhuh…right…

Well this is refreshing! A video featuring a hot guy NOT marketed toward gay men! Or…is…it?

And finally, the reason America will never be like Europe or even Brazil…Too Many Haters Live Here! Please, show some tolerance and let the overweight and misshapen of the world enjoy their holidays in peace! We can always laugh at them behind their backs!

Woot, woot, ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson! – GD

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