The Internet Dating Chronicles Of Glamour Diva – Part 7

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Welcome, Dear Readers, to part seven of my agony, The Internet Dating Chronicles Of Glamour Diva – Transatlantic/Equatorial Africa Edition (Episode 5) So…when last we met, “Powel” declared, unceasingly, his undying love for me, promised that he was a legitimate suitor for my heart and, continued to maul the Queen’s English in such a way that Queen Elizabeth the first’s moldy old bones could be heard rattling all over Westminster Abbey! Oh and did I mention he proclaimed his undying love for me?

June 16, 2006

Powel The Idiot[offline 5:34:24 PM]: hello my sweet wife
Powel The Idiot[offline 5:34:35 PM]: hw u doing and hw is the day going with u?
Powel The Idiot[offline 5:34:56 PM]: well just buzz me when u r readt to talk with me
Powel The Idiot[offline 5:35:11 PM]: i love u with allmy heart and cant stop thinking abt u
Glamour Diva [6:18:57 PM]: hello baby! just got home
Powel The Idiot[6:20:02 PM]: hello my love
Glamour Diva [6:20:42 PM]: what's up?
Powel The Idiot[6:21:01 PM]: nothing much
Powel The Idiot[6:21:09 PM]: just cant stop thinking abt u
Glamour Diva [6:21:39 PM]: really? how do you get any work done? lol
Powel The Idiot[6:21:59 PM]: very hard for me
Powel The Idiot[6:22:02 PM]: but i try
Glamour Diva [6:22:21 PM]: how’s John doing?
Powel The Idiot[6:22:48 PM]: john is here with me now
Powel The Idiot[6:22:54 PM]: he has been waiting for u
Powel The Idiot[6:23:00 PM]: will u talk to him now
Glamour Diva [6:23:16 PM]: of course!
Powel The Idiot[6:23:23 PM]: okay
Powel The Idiot[6:23:40 PM]: let me stand up for him so he can talk to u
Glamour Diva [6:23:49 PM]: ok
Powel The Idiot[6:25:00 PM]: hello
Glamour Diva [6:25:14 PM]: yes? am i chatting with John?
Powel The Idiot[6:25:35 PM]: this is John Bruce
Glamour Diva [6:25:56 PM]: LOL Hello John Bruce! how are you?
Powel The Idiot[6:26:07 PM]: i am fine
Powel The Idiot[6:26:11 PM]: and you
Glamour Diva [6:26:42 PM]: doing well. i'm eating some very good Chinese food right now. do you like Chinese food?
Powel The Idiot[6:26:59 PM]: not realy
Powel The Idiot[6:27:08 PM]: but i will like to eat it with u
Glamour Diva [6:27:40 PM]: you "type" just like your father. lol is he coaching you?
Powel The Idiot[6:27:50 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[6:27:59 PM]: dad allways teach me how to type
Glamour Diva [6:28:14 PM]: Is he telling you what to type as well?
Powel The Idiot[6:28:21 PM]: no
Powel The Idiot[6:28:28 PM]: he is out of here
Powel The Idiot[6:28:38 PM]: i think he should be in his room
Glamour Diva [6:29:23 PM]: well thats ok. i like chatting with you! what sort of things do you like to do? do you play sports? do you like video games?
Powel The Idiot[6:29:57 PM]: yes a like video game alot
Powel The Idiot[6:30:04 PM]: soccer
Powel The Idiot[6:30:29 PM]: i am even asking my dad to buy me a game has a present for my birth day
Glamour Diva [6:30:57 PM]: OH? when is your birthday? and what game do you want?
Powel The Idiot[6:32:52 PM]: on the 25 of this month
Glamour Diva [6:34:20 PM]: Wonderful! so tell me more about yourself. Besides soccer and video games what else do you like to do? do you like reading?
Powel The Idiot[6:34:48 PM]: yes i like reading
Powel The Idiot[6:34:54 PM]: going out with dad
Powel The Idiot[6:35:09 PM]: i also like music just like my dad
Glamour Diva [6:35:41 PM]: what sort of music do you like?
Powel The Idiot[6:35:48 PM]: dad told me alot abt u
Powel The Idiot[6:35:52 PM]: rap
Powel The Idiot[6:36:14 PM]: my dad always talk abt you
Glamour Diva [6:36:44 PM]: LOL you like rap? Wow! i like it too but i dont think your dad likes it. and what did your dad tell you about me
Powel The Idiot[6:37:04 PM]: that he his madly in love with u
Powel The Idiot[6:37:07 PM]: is that true
Glamour Diva [6:37:40 PM]: is it true that he's madly in love? well thats what he says so i guess it's true right?
Powel The Idiot[6:38:05 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[6:38:11 PM]: and i am very happy for him
Powel The Idiot[6:38:29 PM]: this is what i am been praying for since my mom hurt him
Glamour Diva [6:39:05 PM]: Really? and what about you? would you like a new mother?
Powel The Idiot[6:39:19 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[6:39:31 PM]: but i don’t know if u will accept me as ur son
Powel The Idiot[6:39:39 PM]: that is what i am scared of
Glamour Diva [6:40:30 PM]: and why wouldn’t i accept you?
Powel The Idiot[6:40:59 PM]: r u soue
Powel The Idiot[6:41:02 PM]: sure
Powel The Idiot[6:41:23 PM]: i am very happy now
Powel The Idiot[6:41:34 PM]: and i promise to be a good son to you
Glamour Diva [6:43:34 PM]: i have no doubt you'd be a good son John. but tell me, when you think of a mother, what qualities do you think of? how would you want your mother to be/
Powel The Idiot[6:44:07 PM]: a good caring and loving mother
Powel The Idiot[6:44:35 PM]: a mother that will always be by my side in good and bad time
Glamour Diva [6:44:54 PM]: anything else?
Powel The Idiot[6:45:18 PM]: and to love my dad
Glamour Diva [6:45:59 PM]: well that’s very easy! your dad seems pretty easy to love. don’t you agree?
Powel The Idiot[6:46:54 PM]: yes i agree
Powel The Idiot[6:47:04 PM]: he always talk to me about love
Powel The Idiot[6:47:32 PM]: how to love a woman and never hurt them
Glamour Diva [6:48:04 PM]: really? aren’t you a bit young for that discussion?
Powel The Idiot[6:48:17 PM]: i don’t think so
Powel The Idiot[6:48:29 PM]: i love it when dad talk to me
Glamour Diva [6:49:59 PM]: so tell me more about you? do you have any friends?
Powel The Idiot[6:50:29 PM]: i have 3 friends and they are allin africa here
Glamour Diva [6:51:34 PM]: you don’t have any friends in texas?
Powel The Idiot[6:51:45 PM]: my dad has always been my friends
Powel The Idiot[6:52:07 PM]: i dont have a close friend in texas
Glamour Diva [6:52:45 PM]: would you like to have more friends in texas?
Powel The Idiot[6:52:56 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[6:53:07 PM]: if i meet the right one
Glamour Diva [6:53:30 PM]: okay that’s reasonable
Glamour Diva [6:53:36 PM]: anything else you’d like to tell me?
Powel The Idiot[6:53:56 PM]: can i ask you a question
Glamour Diva [6:54:19 PM]: sure?
Powel The Idiot[6:55:15 PM]: promise me that you will love my dad and never hurt him
Powel The Idiot[6:55:24 PM]: pls i dont want him to be hurt again
Powel The Idiot[6:55:27 PM]: pls mom
Glamour Diva [6:56:41 PM]: John I promise I wont hurt him. Even if I don’t become your mother I will always be your Dad's friend. And your friend too. okay?
Powel The Idiot[6:56:59 PM]: thanks
Powel The Idiot[6:57:15 PM]: i don’t want you to be his friend or even mine
Powel The Idiot[6:57:27 PM]: i want you to be his wife and my mom
Powel The Idiot[6:57:28 PM]: pls
Glamour Diva [6:58:26 PM]: Things like that take time. I haven’t even met your Dad or you yet. I promise we will talk more about this when the two of you come back to Houston. Deal?
Powel The Idiot[6:58:56 PM]: deal
Glamour Diva [6:59:22 PM]: cool! i knew there was something about you i like!
Powel The Idiot[6:59:28 PM]: what did u want me to be calling u
Glamour Diva [7:00:16 PM]: i think Glamour Diva is good for now. We can work our way up to "Mom".
Powel The Idiot[7:00:46 PM]: okay
Glamour Diva [7:01:12 PM]: do you like to called John or something else?
Powel The Idiot[7:01:55 PM]: no
Powel The Idiot[7:02:02 PM]: i want u to call me sweet son
Powel The Idiot[7:02:12 PM]: and i will call you sweet mom
Glamour Diva [7:03:20 PM]: LOL yes you are your father's son! I think I'll call you John for now. actually John, it's 1am in Nigeria. Shouldn’t you be asleep?
Powel The Idiot[7:03:48 PM]: i know
Powel The Idiot[7:03:58 PM]: but i love talking to you
Glamour Diva [7:05:26 PM]: i love talking to you too but boys your age should be sleeping. my mother used to tell me that kids grow the most during the time they are asleep. i don’t know if that's really true but don’t you want to be as tall as your Dad?
Powel The Idiot[7:06:07 PM]: i want to be
Powel The Idiot[7:06:46 PM]: okay
Powel The Idiot[7:06:58 PM]: i will be going to bed now
Powel The Idiot[7:07:07 PM]: dad want me to go to bed
Glamour Diva [7:07:19 PM]: LOL you don’t have too if you don’t want to sweetheart
Glamour Diva [7:07:26 PM]: oops!
Glamour Diva [7:07:35 PM]: if dad says so then you have too!
Powel The Idiot[7:08:06 PM]: i have to go to bed
Glamour Diva [7:08:15 PM]: ok
Powel The Idiot[7:08:15 PM]: i will try to talk to you latter
Glamour Diva [7:08:32 PM]: ok goodnight John! sweet dreams!
Powel The Idiot[7:08:44 PM]: okay
Powel The Idiot[7:08:53 PM]: my dad will come on and talk to u now
Glamour Diva [7:09:00 PM]: ok
Powel The Idiot[7:10:15 PM]: hello my wife
Powel The Idiot[7:10:21 PM]: i am back now baby
Glamour Diva [7:10:58 PM]: hi! so tell the truth...was that really John or you? lol he sounds very mature for his age!
Powel The Idiot[7:11:20 PM]: that is my son john
Powel The Idiot[7:11:38 PM]: i allways teach him hw to type and talk to people
Glamour Diva [7:12:20 PM]: i see...i have a few questions for you
Powel The Idiot[7:12:25 PM]: ok
Glamour Diva [7:13:20 PM]: are you a USA citizen? in what country was John born and why do you live in Texas when you travel so much?
Powel The Idiot[7:14:11 PM]: i am originaly from UK
Powel The Idiot[7:14:20 PM]: john was also born in UK
Powel The Idiot[7:15:05 PM]: a friend of mine ask me to come over to USA and live in Texas
Powel The Idiot[7:15:10 PM]: after i lost my parrent
Glamour Diva [7:15:42 PM]: how old were you when you lost your parents?
Powel The Idiot[7:16:02 PM]: 33
Glamour Diva [7:16:54 PM]: so this was very recent?!? i though you were a child when it happened!
Powel The Idiot[7:17:11 PM]: nope
Powel The Idiot[7:17:18 PM]: did u love talking to john?
Glamour Diva [7:18:00 PM]: yes i did! i told him so! and why are you changing the subject? still too painful to talk about?
Powel The Idiot[7:18:39 PM]: a very sad memory for me
Powel The Idiot[7:18:49 PM]: dont like talking abt it baby
Powel The Idiot[7:18:55 PM]: pls forgive me
Glamour Diva [7:19:50 PM]: i understand. but i hope one day you will feel close enough to me to tell me these things.
Powel The Idiot[7:20:11 PM]: sure
Powel The Idiot[7:20:20 PM]: that is a promise my love
Glamour Diva [7:20:46 PM]: so tell me about your friends. do you have a lot of friends/
Powel The Idiot[7:21:03 PM]: nop
Powel The Idiot[7:21:16 PM]: i have stop making friends
Powel The Idiot[7:21:26 PM]: friends has hurt me also
Powel The Idiot[7:21:43 PM]: saw my best friend making love with my wife
Glamour Diva [7:22:28 PM]: oh my. i'm very sorry baby! but who were the people in the pictures on your profile?
Powel The Idiot[7:22:28 PM]: my son is my best friend now
Glamour Diva [7:23:44 PM]: what about you and the people in the pics?
Powel The Idiot[7:24:23 PM]: that was my bus pertners
Powel The Idiot[7:24:35 PM]: u r not my friend baby
Powel The Idiot[7:24:38 PM]: u r my wife
Glamour Diva [7:25:10 PM]: LOL can't a wife be a friend too?
Powel The Idiot[7:26:05 PM]: a wife is more than a friend
Powel The Idiot[7:26:07 PM]: lol
Powel The Idiot[7:26:30 PM]: my wife or my friend?..............
Glamour Diva [7:27:19 PM]: I’d want to be both! I’d want to be the person you share your happy times with as well as your sad times
Powel The Idiot[7:27:32 PM]: wow
Powel The Idiot[7:27:38 PM]: u r very sweet my love
Powel The Idiot[7:27:42 PM]: that is nice
Glamour Diva [7:28:41 PM]: it’s true
Powel The Idiot[7:29:00 PM]: i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Glamour Diva [7:29:57 PM]: i wish you were here so we could talk in person
Glamour Diva [7:30:13 PM]: i'd give you the biggest, longest hug!
Powel The Idiot[7:30:30 PM]: and a sweet kiss
Glamour Diva [7:30:59 PM]: yes but only on the cheek
Powel The Idiot[7:31:09 PM]: lol
Glamour Diva [7:32:00 PM]: what’s so funny?
Powel The Idiot[7:32:28 PM]: that is am far away from u baby
Powel The Idiot[7:32:42 PM]: just cant wait to be with u
Glamour Diva [7:34:11 PM]: i know. i feel the same
Powel The Idiot[7:34:19 PM]: i love uuuuuuuuuuu
Powel The Idiot[7:34:27 PM]: my love i have to go to bed now okay
Glamour Diva [7:34:54 PM]: ok
Glamour Diva [7:34:59 PM]: good night!
Powel The Idiot[7:35:07 PM]: i will talk to u latter my love
Powel The Idiot[7:35:09 PM]: i love u
Powel The Idiot[7:35:12 PM]: pls take care
Glamour Diva [7:35:22 PM]: bye
Powel The Idiot[7:35:37 PM]: never say bye my love
Powel The Idiot[7:35:49 PM]: all u have to say is to u latte
Powel The Idiot[7:35:50 PM]: latter
Glamour Diva [7:36:04 PM]: later
Powel The Idiot[7:36:27 PM]: okay
Powel The Idiot[7:36:29 PM]: peace
Powel The Idiot[7:36:34 PM]: talk to u latter
Glamour Diva [7:36:37 PM]: one love
Powel The Idiot[7:36:37 PM]: i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Powel The Idiot[7:36:40 PM]: one love
Powel The Idiot[7:36:41 PM]: lol
Yahoo! Messenger [7:37:08 PM]: Powel The Idiot has signed out

I know you’re thinking, “Wow Ms. GD! He really likes you!” Well Dear Readers, as Flava Flav would say…Don’t Believe The Hype! Stay damned tuned… – GD

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