Sunday Night Videos – 7: All Rugby Edition

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By now you, my Dear Readers, know just how much I love the Rugby. So I guess you also know that it is past time I featured some of my favorite players doing what they do best, looking sexy as all get out while playing the toughest sport no one in America has ever heard of! Sigh. Now if I could only convince one of my Dear Readers to foot the bill for the Six Nations Tournament next February, which coincidentally is my birthday month (hint, hint)…sigh…

Super Cool Commercial

New Zealand All Blacks Intimidating The Competition

All Blacks vs. Braveheart?

Italian Rugby Calendar Shoot – Will we ever tire of hearing Right Said Fred? Me thinks not!

Go Head Samoa!

Wallibies? Not at all fierce sounding is it?


No pushing please! There’s enough homoerotica for everyone!

More Frédéric Michalak, this time in color!

How do you say “Yowzer” in French? Ooo La La perhaps?

Oh me! I’d probably faint dead away if I ever got to meet any of these guys…well except for Frédéric Michalak. Him I’d savage until he just couldn’t be savaged anymore! Seriously people! Egads that man is perfection! – GD

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