The Internet Dating Chronicles Of Glamour Diva – Part 10

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Welcome, Dear Readers, to part ten of my enduring wretchedness, The Internet Dating Chronicles Of Glamour Diva – Transatlantic/Equatorial Africa Edition (Episode 8)

So…when last we met, “Powel” pledged his steadfast love for me and then put his son on who also pledged his steadfast love for me as well as his desire for me to become his new mommy. And as usual Powel continued to vandalize the Queen’s English in a manner so repugnant that the British Parliament voted unanimously to declare war on him!

June 26, 2006

Powel The Idiot[offline 7:53:17 AM]: hello my love.. hw u doing and hw is the day going with u?
Powel The Idiot[offline 7:53:29 AM]: i am missing u so so much ... just cant wait to be with u my love
Powel The Idiot[offline 7:53:30 AM]: miss ya
Glamour Diva [4:17:07 PM]: HI! I'm at home now
Glamour Diva [4:23:43 PM]: did i miss you again?
Powel The Idiot[4:57:47 PM]: hello my love
Glamour Diva [4:57:54 PM]: hi baby!
Powel The Idiot[4:58:26 PM]: hw u doing my love
Powel The Idiot[4:58:29 PM]: i have miss u so so much
Glamour Diva [4:58:54 PM]: i'm good. i miss you too! how are you and John doing? how was the party?
Powel The Idiot[4:59:32 PM]: fine
Powel The Idiot[4:59:40 PM]: everything was sweet honey
Powel The Idiot[4:59:45 PM]: i really miss u
Glamour Diva [5:00:01 PM]: why do you miss me so much?
Powel The Idiot[5:00:13 PM]: i am missing my wife
Powel The Idiot[5:00:22 PM]: cant stop thinking abt u my love
Glamour Diva [5:01:24 PM]: i just don’t understand how you can miss someone you've never met
Glamour Diva [5:01:55 PM]: hello?
Glamour Diva [5:03:37 PM]: hello?
Glamour Diva [5:04:21 PM]: yes?
Powel The Idiot[5:04:26 PM]: got booted
Powel The Idiot[5:04:41 PM]: so hw u doing honey?
Glamour Diva [5:05:27 PM]: i'm good. so tell me about the party! you never want to talk about John!
Powel The Idiot[5:06:04 PM]: the perty was fine
Powel The Idiot[5:06:24 PM]: have alot of john friends here and even some of my staff
Glamour Diva [5:06:51 PM]: so what happened? did you have music? what presents did he get?
Powel The Idiot[5:07:05 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[5:07:15 PM]: very nice music
Powel The Idiot[5:07:43 PM]: and i present him a Game
Glamour Diva [5:08:01 PM]: what sort of underwear do you wear?
Powel The Idiot[5:08:28 PM]: lol
Powel The Idiot[5:08:37 PM]: a normal shirt
Glamour Diva [5:09:04 PM]: boxers? briefs? or bikini underwear?
Powel The Idiot[5:09:42 PM]: and a black trousser
Glamour Diva [5:10:31 PM]: LOL NO! you don’t understand! what kind of pants, knickers do you wear?
Powel The Idiot[5:11:03 PM]: boxers honey
Powel The Idiot[5:11:12 PM]: white color
Glamour Diva [5:11:41 PM]: lol ok. thanks!
Powel The Idiot[5:11:50 PM]: and u?
Glamour Diva [5:12:30 PM]: just regular panties but not when I'm asleep. i don’t wear anything when I sleep
Powel The Idiot[5:12:49 PM]: wow
Powel The Idiot[5:13:02 PM]: so that means that is hw we will be sleeping together?
Glamour Diva [5:13:31 PM]: lol no that just means i sleep nude! naughty...
Powel The Idiot[5:13:39 PM]: lol
Glamour Diva [5:15:01 PM]: so tell me more about you. what foods do you like?
Powel The Idiot[5:15:17 PM]: Rice and beaf
Powel The Idiot[5:15:18 PM]: u?
Glamour Diva [5:15:59 PM]: OMG! you only eat rice and beef? that’s it?
Powel The Idiot[5:16:26 PM]: i dont eat much
Powel The Idiot[5:16:27 PM]: u?/
Glamour Diva [5:17:46 PM]: i eat a lot! i love food. but i cant eat as much as i used too. i like all sorts of food: Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, African, Middle Eastern
Glamour Diva [5:18:03 PM]: what about John? does he only eat beef and rice?
Powel The Idiot[5:18:17 PM]: nope
Powel The Idiot[5:18:19 PM]: lol
Powel The Idiot[5:18:34 PM]: eat english food honey
Glamour Diva [5:19:18 PM]: so what’s english food? toad in the hole? fried tomatoes? blood sausage?
Glamour Diva [5:19:29 PM]: yeck!
Powel The Idiot[5:20:28 PM]: lol
Powel The Idiot[5:20:45 PM]: fried tomatoes and beaf
Powel The Idiot[5:21:15 PM]: and also bread and egg
Glamour Diva [5:21:16 PM]: i guess that’s why the two of you are so skinny
Powel The Idiot[5:21:27 PM]: lol
Glamour Diva [5:22:17 PM]: so do you like to give and receive massages?
Powel The Idiot[5:22:21 PM]: so what did u want us to be eating now so we will be very big
Powel The Idiot[5:22:31 PM]: sure
Glamour Diva [5:24:31 PM]: LOL i dont want you to be big! i just want the two of you to eat more veggies. like green salads, ya know?
Powel The Idiot[5:24:49 PM]: sure
Powel The Idiot[5:24:57 PM]: i understand my love
Glamour Diva [5:25:23 PM]: but if you're happy and healthy then that’s all i really care about
Glamour Diva [5:26:42 PM]: hello?
Powel The Idiot[5:26:59 PM]: i am here my love
Powel The Idiot[5:27:05 PM]: just waiitng for u to talk
Glamour Diva [5:27:21 PM]: i said, if you're happy and healty then thats all i really care about
Powel The Idiot[5:27:39 PM]: thx honey
Powel The Idiot[5:27:46 PM]: i cant wait to be with u my love
Powel The Idiot[5:27:54 PM]: hw will u feel when we first meet
Glamour Diva [5:28:13 PM]: i think i'll be happy and very excited. u?
Glamour Diva [5:29:12 PM]: think i'll be happy and very excited. u?
Powel The Idiot[5:29:52 PM]: wow
Powel The Idiot[5:29:55 PM]: that is sweet
Powel The Idiot[5:30:17 PM]: i will run to u and give u a sweet kiss
Glamour Diva [5:30:27 PM]: on the cheek?
Powel The Idiot[5:30:39 PM]: nope
Powel The Idiot[5:30:42 PM]: on ur lips
Glamour Diva [5:30:56 PM]: cheeky!
Yahoo! Messenger [5:31:09 PM]: Powel The Idiot has signed out
Glamour Diva [5:33:11 PM]: left again?
Powel The Idiot[5:33:43 PM]: i am back
Glamour Diva [5:34:04 PM]: do you need a new computer?
Powel The Idiot[5:35:01 PM]: the network is very bad here
Glamour Diva [5:35:56 PM]: i see. so are you a drinker?
Powel The Idiot[5:36:03 PM]: nope
Powel The Idiot[5:36:11 PM]: i don’t drink
Powel The Idiot[5:36:11 PM]: u?
Glamour Diva [5:36:35 PM]: i drink a little, wine. in your picture you had a beer
Powel The Idiot[5:37:06 PM]: lol
Powel The Idiot[5:37:15 PM]: then i was drinking but i have stop
Glamour Diva [5:37:24 PM]: why?
Powel The Idiot[5:38:03 PM]: dont like it
Glamour Diva [5:38:47 PM]: i see. so tell me powel, why is your profile invisible on
Powel The Idiot[5:39:23 PM]: i have stop using it honey
Glamour Diva [5:39:48 PM]: why?
Powel The Idiot[5:40:01 PM]: cos i have u
Glamour Diva [5:40:59 PM]: really? so let me see what we have. you only eat rice and beef, you're skinny, you don’t drink and you wear white boxers?
Glamour Diva [5:41:03 PM]: is that all?
Powel The Idiot[5:41:30 PM]: yes
Powel The Idiot[5:41:32 PM]: lol
Glamour Diva [5:43:05 PM]: i don’t think so. i think there’s more to you then you let on. what are you hiding Powel?
Powel The Idiot[5:43:29 PM]: nothing
Powel The Idiot[5:43:33 PM]: pls brb
Glamour Diva [5:49:19 PM]: ok
Glamour Diva [5:58:42 PM]: Okay...i guess you left again?

Only one more hilarity suffused episode to go before I can finally put all this behind me and move on to the next idiot. Stay damned tuned… – GD

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