Sunday Night Videos – 10

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I know I promised you high brow but I lied…sort of. I will now admit to my So You Think You Can Dance? addiction. In my defense it’s all sexy Dmitry’s fault but more on that later. Now let’s get straight to the hot ass men shall we?

Benji Schwimmer,
Age 22
Who knew Mormons could be so funny and have so much rhythm and be so cute? I’M KIDDING! Watch the videos…

Benji and Blake

Donyelle and Benji – Compilation

Heidi and Benji – Mambo

Ivan Koumaev, Age 18
What a whittle cutie patootie! Who would have thought a breaker with no formal training could go from Hip Hop to Tango to Contemporary to…[sniffle] my heart?

Ivan – Dance Class

Ivan and Allison – Hip Hop

Ivan and Allison – Contemporary

Dmitry Chaplin, Age 23
I couldn’t find any of his solos – DAMNIT! Believe me it was definitely something to see. Once you saw it you’d be throwing out your vibrators. Heavens to Betsy he is so fine! But alas sheer beauty alone could not keep him from being eliminated. Sigh! He’s a ballroom dancer so the other dances were really difficult for him, which is why the sexiest man on the show had to leave. Oh hell Dear Readers this is making me too sad! Just watch the videos…

Ashley and Dmitry – Pop

Donyelle and Dmitry – Cha Cha

I can’t believe I succumbed to the siren song of So You Think You Can Dance?. Well it will be over soon and then I can start obsessing over important things like Prison Break! Yay! – GD

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