It comes down to this. . .

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As Lady Chatterley so elegantly (and rightfully) put it: men hold no glamour for me anymore. Unfortunately, as the days grow longer and once it’s all over but the shoutin’, galaxyMafia finds that she’s become ambivalent about men.

It comes down to this:

The cute men are all short. Or gay.
The tall men are all ugly. Or married to women they don’t love but are too chickenshit to divorce.
The rich guys are closet misogynists who want a harem full of pneumatic Barbie dolls at their beck, call and disposal.
The smart men don’t know what fork to use at the dinner table, and even though they understand quantum physics, they lack the temerity and audacity to actually explain it to you.
The sweet, sensitive men are punk-bitch mama’s boys
The perfect guys are 3,917 miles away across the Pacific Ocean and can’t speak a lick of English

And still, with all that weighing her down, galaxyMafia has still found a reason to be excited!!!!

Four words: SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can’t explain how much galaxyMafia is anticipating this movie!! She is on pins and needles, waiting with baited breath, on the edge of her seat! GalaxyMafia already knows that she will love this move, that as soon as it comes out on DVD (which will probably be fairly quickly), she will buy it, full price, and not wait for it to go on sale at Hollywood Video as a part of one of those 4 for $20 deals.

Even if “Snakes on a plane” is the biggest piece of hackneyed tripe ever captured on celluloid (and according to the critics’ estimates and analysis, it promises to be), galaxyMafia still plans to enjoy it, and in fact will be front and center in the theater on the first day of its theatrical release!

Naturally, after she sees the movie, galaxyMafia will spoil it all for you by providing you with an in-depth review which, she must forewarn you, will contain all of the “money shots” and the ending of the movie!!!

Copyright 2006 galaxyMafia. . .would like to say that she hopes her good friend Caroline gets well! Take care Scarecrow, we miss you! I will have the new zombie novel ready for your review upon your successful and triumphant return! Also, mad, mad, seething shout outs to Daniel and Shannon for liking the mystery novel, and to Shawn and Dominique for expressing interest in reading it. Francisco - good bye and good luck, papi! You will need it! HA!

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