I’d Still Hit It! – Parte Três

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Wes Anderson – Director, and John Malkovich – Actor

Why can’t a man be talented, intelligent, rich, straight (ha!) and attractive? He may be one or a few of the above but never, ever all! Well these two men get a solid four out of five and I and hatin’ on them. Wes, while white as a sheet and skinny as a stickpin, gets extra points for being a Texan and for having a hilariously understated sense of humor. John can be just plan scary at times but still strangely sexy. I say strange because I don’t usually find rabbits sexy but John looks like one and it can be a bit unnerving when he speaks in that honeyed voice and does the whole smoldering look thing. Yep, I’d still hit it!

Wes Anderson

Anderson’s Amex commercial

John Malkovich

Movie clip from Dangerous Liaisons

So many homely men…so few of them who could actually get me to gap my legs! – GD

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