Sunday Night Videos – 12

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Well here I am once again Dear Readers with your weekly fix of hot ass men! This week we’ll take a peek into the lives of the worlds premiere athletes and their shirtless, spandex clad bodies. Yay!

Two of my favorite things all in one video: The Samba and hot ass men in their underwear

In the immortal words of Mystikal: shake ya ass, but watch ya self. Shake ya ass, show me what ya workin’ wit!

If I’d had a coach like this one when I was in school I would have tried out for a team. On second thought…no.

Random athletic hotness named Matt Shirvington

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. They ain’t seen Finland’s Markus Pöyhönen yet!

Markus again, this time doing the cha-cha on Finland’s Dancing With The Stars. Oh and somebody tell that singer to shut the hell up!

Until next week my Dear, Sweet Readers…goodnight and [Insert Deity of your choice] bless! – GD

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