They Put Glamour Diva In An iMix! – Part Five

Category: By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
¡Buenas tardes mis Lectores Queridos! Ms. GD is here again with another one of her fabulous playlists. First off I’d like to send a mini rant out to iTunes; I love you but you simply must do better with the music upload situation! I can’t tell you how to run your business but you need to find a way to get more albums and more artist onboard because it makes no sense that out of five hundred rap songs I’m only able to upload forty to a playlist! Moving on…

Oh how I wanted to be a B-Girl! To strut around in my Puma sneaks and sweats with my gold, doorknocker earrings and…well you get the picture. Unfortunately my parents got the picture too so they spanked me soundly with the Bible Belt and sent me to bed without any grits while they stayed up all night, guarding me against the devil’s own music – RAP!

A “Sample” Of My Rap Favorites!

Note: You must have iTunes loaded on your computer before you can listen to the playlists. You don’t have to own a Mac Dear Readers; you only need the iTunes software. Dig it? Enjoy! – GD

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