Ah, the irony. . .

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Back in the day.

Considering the types of menfolk that galaxyMafia used to like, it does seem odd that she thinks nothing of old Wentworth "Stinky" Miller. Funny how time flies when your tastes are changing.

This bloke (above) is John Beaudion. Oh, how galaxyMafia was in love with him!! When she first say him, walking down the hall at Nimitz High School when she was in the 11th grade, it was like the Heavens opened and an angelic chorus breathed, "AHHHHHHHHH. . ."
GalaxyMafia lost her marbles for this fool. Between the love notes on lavender stationey and the pastel colored M&Ms for Easter, she also found herself in the middle of a plot only de Bergerac would appreciate. You see, galaxyMafia was too shy to talk to this guy but she had one thing going for her - a hefty allowance and greedy friends who lived in the ghetto. With one twenty dollar bill, galaxyMafia was able to get said friend to do all of her dirty work (i.e., delivering the notes and the M&Ms, asking questions). As it turned out, said friend and John became good friends and GM was left with the realization that not only do M&Ms melt in your hand but the peanut ones make your breath stink.

This here chap is Hector Rosado. galaxyMafia fell hard for him to. It wasn't easy getting this cholo to notice her. She had to do some intrepid detective work. She first saw this guy walking in the mall. Smitten, and knowing that she'd seen him before, she put unseemly demands on her brain and memory and realized that they'd gone to high school together. Consulting her trust year book (the same one she gnawed her picture out of in one of her furious low self-esteem moments), she came up with his name. Using the phone book, she found his number. And once again, manipulating one of her friends into calling him for her, she made contact. This was the first Cro-Magnon she ever kissed. She almost had sex with him but her vagina was too tight and he couldn't get it in. No worries, though. 'Twas a good thing the hymen held up - this bloke only wanted her for sex. Imagine that!

And the worst is saved for last. Habib Salley. Boy did galaxyMafia like this masher. And what for? What did he ever do for her except. . .use her for her intelligence (she helped him with his tests and exams) and her transportation (he didn't have a car and she shuttled him around)? For his birthday, she bought him a card and some candy. He never came to thank her until he was prompted by some dean's secretary who felt sorry for her. Her repeatedly ignored her. And when she called him to wish him well when the school semester was over, he asked her if she'd help him study for yet another test.

Well, thank God galaxyMafia is out of that phase. Although, it's quite amusing. If galaxyMafia were still in the 11th grade, she'd be head-over-heels for Mr. Miller. Thank the Lord Jesus that was years ago!!!!

copyright 2006. . .galaxyMafia. . .is currently getting a dopamine high from Adam Rodriguez. For now, at least. She fully expects her chemicals to return to proper levels around the 8th episode of "CSI-Miami".

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