I Have To Admit It...

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…The Scientologist, the CIA, SVR (In conjunction with the FSB and the GRU), MI5, MI6 and Industrial Light and Magic make a damn fine cyborg! The littlest Cruise aka World Domination Cyborg 2.0 is a cutie patootie! Almost…too…cute…

Could it be that the powers that be have perfected synthetic cuteness? I mean most babies (I can’t say all because I’ve seen some homely ass babies) are cute but this is ridiculous! From the full head of hair (Aren’t most white babies still bald at four months old?), to the sparkling blue, almond shaped eyes and just chubby enough cheeks and…my goodness I just can’t stop staring!

That’s it! You will not trap me in your diabolical clutches Cyborg…er, I mean Suri Cruise! Glamour Diva love the kids but she does not love you! I refuse to be the first stop on your World Domination Tour 2006-2007. Believe that!

I’m just as cute as Suri! Really I am! – GD

Diabolically cute Suri pics found here .

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  1. beautyinbaltimore 10:10 PM, September 06, 2006
    That baby does notlooks like Tom or Katie. I guess we are going to see them on Maury. You Tom likes to jump around and act a fool, so he will do fine.

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