Late Night Rugby Ignorance featuring galaxyMafia and Glamour Diva

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Let me preface this entry by saying that GM and I do not usually behave like giggly 10-year-olds when in the presence of or thinking about Hot Ass Men but there’s just something about rugby players, particularly our favorite team, the mighty, mighty All Blacks, that makes us want to write their names along with ours on the cover of our Trapper Keepers (in hot pink, glittery, paint pen of course!), pass them notes in class asking them to check one box if they like us or another one if they don’t, and call them on the phone at home and giggle before we hurriedly hang up on them! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, they are just that hot to death! But for some strange reason we were feeling very giggly and very 10ish tonight so we penned a letter to the team and this is what we wrote:

Howdy Mils-

My friend, Glamour Diva, thinks you are tasty sex on a platter! She also thinks you look quite delectable in the blue screen suit you wore for the Powerade commercial. If you are ever in Texas, please do not hesitate to give her a ring. It will be worth your while (wink). We are from the great sovereign nation of Texas where football (American football) is king. However, we have become completely and irrevocably enamored with rugby. Particularly, we love the fact that you men do not hide behind helmets and pads the way these punk wusses in the US do. Nonetheless, we hope to one day be graced with the opportunity to view your glorious presence in person. And by the by, please let Sione know that Galaxy Mafia thinks him to be rather handsome and she would love to eat sushi off him. Okay, well, that is all for now. TTYL.

PS - We believe in a black jersey!

PPS - I am so in love with the haka. . .I have a haka fetish. I would love to see Sione do the haka personally for me!

Please check out our blog – http:\\

Have a good day and God bless you!!

Would you please be a dear and pass along the following messages to:

Tana Umaga: Glamour Diva thinks you are liquid sex, regardless of your martial state. If you ever find yourself sans wife…

Mose Tuiali'i: We think you are “Sleeping late on a Sunday morning” sex. We also find you to be so sweet, earnest, and God-fearing that we have dubbed you “Sweetness”. Galaxy Mafia finds you so sweet in fact, that she would quit her job for you regardless of your martial state! If you ever find yourself sans wife…

Ma’a Nonu: We think you’re “Back seat of my jeep” sex. Glamour Diva also thinks you got it going on like a pot of neck bones! And she especially digs the soul patch (or as her father’s generation used to call it, a “flavor saver”)! She would love to snuggle up in your big, strong arms and lovingly twirl your dreads around her fingers.

Malili “Mils” Muliaina

Sione Lauaki

Tana Umaga

Mose Tuiali’I (In the red/black jersey)

Ma’a Nonu

And all five hotties together…well almost…

Watch this clip of the All Blacks, past and present, doing what they damn do! Oh, and please ignore the somewhat disturbing and borderline anachronistic DMX soundtrack…

And if you’re reading this Le Michalak , please don’t fret, I’ll never give up on my lust for you! – GD

All All Blacks photos found here

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  1. dcsavvy 12:57 PM, September 19, 2006
    Oh yeah! could you send some of those rugby players my way? hahaha - They have the Bodies AND the Smiles :) gotta love that.
  2. Overwhelmed Naija Babe 11:52 AM, September 20, 2006
    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn... can u say hot!!!! Luv ur blog

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