Sunday Night Videos – 17

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Hello Dear Readers and welcome to another edition of SNV! I want to do something a little different today. Instead of featuring the usual Hot Ass Men, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite clips, the ones that don’t really fit anywhere else. Also, the exhibitionists, both straight and gay, need time to refill their coffers (so to speak) with lots of naked boy gold! Until then, enjoy these clips!

This is why Ms. GD love the kids! Watch this baby get her Beyoncé on.

This shit brings back super happy memories! It’s the pinball number animation from Sesame Street – Remixed!

Does anyone know what happened to Kid Creole And The Coconuts? Did they fall off or just decide to stop making music? It’s a shame really ‘cause they were so good!

An interesting ad campaign for AIDS prevention. The message to women? Think before you pick on the effeminate little boy in your class. He could grow up to be a really hot guy who has absolutely no interest in your homophobic ass!

This guy is named Mark Day and he’s a hoot! Or maybe the reason I dig him is because of the Scottish accent? Either way he’s funny and he makes some good points. Check it out yo!

In the immortal words of Al Jarreau, Home Skillet is sho nuff getting his boogie down ya’ll! This is a clip from the Kollywood classic, "Ellam Inba Mayam" (1981). The name of the song is Solla Solla Enna Perumai and it is a stone gas! I want that yellow dress. On second thought, I want that dress but in red. Red is a better color for me.

Damn I love that last clip! I even downloaded the MP3 so I can get down and get funky wit it all the time! Until next week Dear Readers, stay hip, stay happening, stay groovy! – GD

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  1. ironmunki 7:39 PM, September 18, 2006
    very interesting blog! i forgot whose page or comment section i found you from but Ellam Inba Mayam clip had me rollin' on the floor. i have to put this classic on my ipod!
  2. Anonymous 11:34 AM, September 24, 2006
    I "LOVE" that AIDS campaign video. Very cute! Now I want them to do one with a heterosexual woman and her trials and turbulations of finding the right one and having sex with trolls in the meantime lol

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