It’s Official…I’m Addicted!

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It’s totally camp – bad acting, bad story lines and just plain BAD all around but I love the shit out of Fashion House! The show hasn’t been on a full two weeks and there have already been two cat fights, one crazy ex-girlfriend going ape shit in her ex’s apartment, one fake rape scare, one marriage broken by infidelity, one evil mistress hell bent on stealing herself a husband and one shadowy figure out for revenge (But why and to what end?)! And let us not forget the sheer fabulousness of 80s icons, Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek! Can you smell the fromage Dear Readers? Okay so on to the positives and…not so positives:

I Love…
Tony Tripoli and Garrett Swann (Hans and Harold) – The fabulously gay senior designers for Bo Derek’s character’s company. I am talking cuteness personified people! And I just want to pinch Hans’s firm, little butt cheeks! And, OY those long, luscious lashes! I die!

Robert Buckley (Michael Bauer) – Hot to death photographer with a crush on a super model. This guy is cute as a bug in a rug but damn is his body ever SICK! Holy guacamole! He took his shirt off today and Wednesday and I ‘bout lost my mind! WOOT! Unfortunately I couldn’t find any nekkid pictures of him so click here and here for a fully clothed tease.

The general nakedness of many of the male characters is good. I’m still holding out for Hans and Harold to hook up but I know that’s a lost cause. Damn I miss Queer As Folk!

I Love Not So Much…
The non-stop and completely unnecessary flashbacks! These people flash back more often then they hop beds! I’m surprised they aren’t suffering from spatial dementia with all the time warping they do. For the love of Mike, ease up on the flash backs or at the very least call Doctor Who and ask him if you can borrow his fuckin’ T.A.R.D.I.S.!

I don’t understand why the only wine anyone can drink is Champaign and red wine. No Riesling, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio for these people! No Rosé or even a super fruity Sangria will do. How peculiar!

The ten-minute recap of the previous show at the beginning of each new show is a little much. Get to the damn point already!

Show Rating: **** ½ out of 5

All in all I’d say this show is the best bad TV we’ve had in years and I solute the producers for having the courage (and myNetworkTV for having the intestinal fortitude) to bring back the campy, nighttime soap formula. Bravo! – GD

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  1. Rick Andreoli 1:41 PM, September 15, 2006
    And we love you! Thanks for the props.
  2. dctwentysomething 5:57 PM, September 17, 2006
    you are a good one for this one! i can't take that show at all! lol - but i'm a victim of flavor of love. go figure! great site!

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