Sunday Night Videos – 20

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Good evening Ladies and Germs (Waka-Waka!) and welcome to another edition of SNV! We have some wonderful hot ass men and one interesting blast from our past to share with you tonight. So hand over those WOOT! coupons and lets get started!

We have a repeat offender Dear Readers, Shane is back and ready to show us more of what he’s workin’ with!

All American Guys? Let’s be real and call it what it is, All American Gay Guys…okaaaaaaaaay?

Oh my! Major cuteness!

French-Moroccan muscle hotness named Karim! I know it’s politically incorrect to say this these days but, Ms. GD love those dusky Arab hotties!

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this clip! GM and I used to know this guy (but not in the “biblical” sense) years ago when he worked at a strip club here in Houston called La Bare . Back in the day, he used to have long hair, brown eyes, a wider nose, and no tattoos but I ain’t hatin’ on his 40-year-old ass!

And finally, the Lust of my life…Le Michalak: L'athlète Magnifique!

Have a great week Dear Readers and I will see you all next week with more hotness...believe that! – GD

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