Sunday Night Videos – 22

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Models, models everywhere and not a one that’s heterosexual! But they are so damn pretty aren’t they? And a girl can dream and masturbate accordingly can’t she? Now don’t look at me like that! I know I’m not the only one spanking my monkey! Jeeeeezzzz! Anyway, WOOT! WOOT! Cheerio and all that sort of rot Dear Readers!

DJ Leandro Becker

Jonathan P.Jesensky

Olivier Vervelle (Jeune Poulet!)

Evandro Soldati

Models In Underwear

Janice Dickenson is a crazy bitch but she is the Queen of Objectification! Therefore, I salute you JD…WOOT! You go wit yo crazy, drug-addled, hot man lovin’ ass!

Listen up all you Freaks of Color! YouTube needs your hot, succulent, naked bodies to entertain the masses! We don’t care if you’re straight or gay as long as you’re willing to get nekkid so please upload those videos today…or send them directly to Ms.GD at That is all! – GD

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