Sunday Night Videos – 23

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Another Sunday…another set of videos featuring Hot Ass Men! This week’s entry is a bit of a mixed bag. We have some music videos, a little classic and modern dance, a few gay boys frolicking on the beach and one lone diver in speedos. Yummy! Shall we begin? First I’d like to bring a little highbrow entertainment to my readers so here are two dance videos for your enjoyment. And don’t worry; there is still some nudity! Can I get a WOOT! WOOT! Dear Readers?

Hot Russian ballet dancer Daniil Simkin in a flesh colored bodysuit!

Beautifully done nude modern dance film

Hot guys in Speedos…OH MY!

Not sure who Alex Despatie is but he’s the hotness!

I don’t really like Marques. He ain’t that cute to me, he can’t really sing and I think we’re about the same height but I can’t hate on his body. It’s all good from the neck down baby! So here he is: Naked – Marques Houston

This video was the hotness back in the day and I still drool when I see it! Oh D’Angelo, we hardly knew ye…Untitled (How Does It Feel) – D'Angelo

Until next week Dear Readers, stay fly and fabulous! – GD

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    love your blog

    check out this guy

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