8 Things I Never Want To Hear A Man Say To Me Ever Again!

Category: , , By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
“Hey there brown sugar/chocolate/hot chocolate/sexual chocolate/queen/Nubian Queen/African Queen!” [Has a simple “Hello” been outlawed?]

“I love me some big/fat girls!” [Here’s a clue, if you’re trying to push up on me then it’s a safe bet I already know you like it! Asshole!]

“ This is my baby Traniece and her mama Bernice. This is my baby Lil’ G and his mama Josephina. And these are my babies, Lil’ G the second and Min Sook. Their mama took them back to Korea because…” [Sigh…]

“Can you make your booty clap?” [I don’t know, can you dodge bullets?]

“I’m married/have a girlfriend but my wife/girlfriend doesn’t understand me.” [Yes men still say this shit.]

“Oh yeah see what had happened was…” [Go to your quiet place Ms. GD.]

“So when I finally got outta the joint…the second time…” [Just take me now Jesus!]

“Squeeze ya later baby!” [Insert “Isaac The Bartender” type index finger guns with clicking sound]

Saints preserve me and Lord keep me from the ig’nant men folk of the world! – GD

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  1. iron 7:43 AM, November 09, 2006
    lol @ "“Can you make your booty clap?” [I don’t know, can you dodge bullets?]"

    but for real, can you? lol...i'm kiddin'...unless you can...no seriously, i'm joking. and no, i can't dodge bullets.
  2. beautyinbaltimore 10:19 PM, November 11, 2006
    Men are something else. You can't help but to laugh at them sometimes.

    "Can you make your booty clap"
    I can imagine this comes from men who are not black. Beyonce has caused a lot of us to catch hell.
    "I like me a thick girl"
    Men forget that not every overweight or thick woman wants to be reminded of her weight.
    I try to stay far away from most men who are baby daddies. Tooooo much drama
  3. LA GIRLIE 10:29 PM, November 21, 2006
    stay away from black men and you won't hear any of those lines (okay you wont hear most of them) lol

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