Sunday Night Videos – 25

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Hello Dear Readers and welcome to yet another edition of SNV. Tonight I decided to go with a hodgepodge of things, a veritable cornucopia of video gold! We got 70s TV, Rugby (of course!), parodies, old school music videos, and Popin’ and Lockin’ Dwarfs! Sounds like some sort of freak show doesn’t it? Well that’s SATS in a nutshell Dear Readers…a damn freak show. So WOOT! WOOT! ya’ll and enjoy!

The fact that I remember this show at all dates me horrifically but I loved it! That Angie Dickinson was hot to damn death wasn’t she? Yowzer! And the soundtrack Dear Readers? Off the heezy fo sheezy!

Another dope 70s show with another dope sountrack!

Why I Love Rugby starring The Beauteous, Dimpled, Dreadlocked, Ma’a Nonu (#13) and the rest of the Wellington clique…(sigh)

I can’t stand JT but I LOVE this parody! Put a lil’ Serotonin it and enjoy Gray Kid – Paxilback

Damn but this song was the lick back in the day! Sing galaxyMafia, you know the words! Chuck Brown – Bustin' Loose

I freakin’ LOVE this freakin’ clip! Indian cinema is the shizz yo! The name of the movie is Adhisayappiravi starring Rajnikanth, a very famous Tamil actor. The little guy’s name is still a mystery to me. But damn can he dance! Pop and lock on Little Superstar…pop and lock on!

Goodnight all you dapers and toe tappers. And make sure you remember to lift with your legs when you put that hump in your back and lift your rump! – GD

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