Christmas Came Early This Year!

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The Sushi Girls have a new “Sister In Arms” and her name is Natalina or as we like to call her – Natalina The Naughty Nederlander! [That’s right Ms. Natalina, you’ve been new baptized…]

Ms. Natalina was so very sweet to send us a note blowing up our already bulbous heads with praise for our blog. As much as we love dissenting points of view (and nasty anonymous comments), we just can’t express how wonderful it is to receive such glowing remarks at this special time of year. Please let us all join hands as we lift our voices in an inspiring gospel rendition of Bump ‘N’ Grind by R. Kelly! No? Well in lieu of R. Kelly please read Natalina The Naughty Nederlander’s lovely email:

From: Natalina
Subject: Sex and the Sushi
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 19:56:26 +0000

Hi galaxyMafia, Glamour Diva and Miss Sakamoto

While I was searching the Internet for some fresh information about Sione Lauaki, I stumbled upon your blog Sex and the Sushi. Usually I don't bother to give any feedback about a site or blog but yours is absolutely fantastic.

I have to congratulate you on your superb taste in ridiculously HOT (Rugby) men, the witty humour and especially All Blacks- The Musical. The latter had me rolling on the floor especially the dialogue between Ma'a Nonu, Jerry Collins and Mose Tuiali'i ("Nigga, ain’t you gotta go pray for somebody?" priceless...).

Thank you Ladies for making me laugh until I cried and for taking my mind off things. I wish you ladies all the best and I can’t wait for another episode of All Blacks -The Musical.

Greetings from a Dutch fan.

By the way here’s a little token of my appreciation a picture of a shirtless Ma’a Nonu (before the tattoos unfortunately) and another rugby player called Ben Atiga .

Aaaaaaaaw! Wasn’t that special ya’ll? Nederlanders are COOL! – The Sushi Girls

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