Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here! Time For Joy And Time For Cheer!

Category: By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
Hello and Seasons Greetings Dear Readers! Ms. GD is currently still in Cali but she took time out of her busy schedule of hobknobbing with celebrities...and giggling like a school girl as strapping young lads massage her weary shoulders and drink champagne from her drop her very Dear Readers a fresh Yuletide note. I’ll be back in H-Town Tuesday (So don’t you pout and don’t you fret), ready to tell you all about my fabulous winter vacation. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and easy on the eggnog…or at least the nog….Smooches!

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  1. jadedKiss 2:05 AM, December 25, 2006
    Merry Christmas babes!
  2. Calabar Gal 12:33 PM, December 29, 2006
    Merry Xmas to you too and best wishes for the New Year ahead!!! Cheers!!!

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