And Still More Drama…

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Sigh. And I came home to this shit...

Poor, naïve, lonely, boring as fuck “Gary” got scammed by some Nigerians (Most likely men masquerading as women). Read on Dear Readers:


OK. To those who replied to our last e-mail, thank you. We must explain further what's going on with Gary. In the past year-and-a-half, we have received numerous suspicious deliveries from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL with Gary's name and our address and those deliveries contained money orders and/or checks totaling [sic] tens of thousands of dollars and all those checks and money orders turned out to be either counterfeit and/or drawn from stolen or fraudulent accounts. Unfortunately, Gary cashed a couple of the phony money orders and sent the money to people in foreign countries and we had to take money from some of our investments and Gary had to sell his home computers and some of his electronic equipment to repay the bank for the fraudulent transactions and we had to include Gary's father's name in his bank account to make sure no more suspicious money orders or checks can been cashed and to prevent Gary from withdrawing money from the account without our knowledge.

We also received numerous packages from different merchants this past summer (containing electronics, mobile phones and/or computer-related equipment) delivered by the above couriers which were ordered with Gary's name and our address information and paid for with stolen or fraudulent credit card accounts. The police contacted us telling us about the above occurrences and we then refused the deliveries when the items were delivered. We had several confrontations with Gary concerning these occurrences and Gary said that people he contacted through the internet and met through Yahoo Personals had probably done the above actions.

We discontinued our internet service at home which is why he could only chat online at his workplace, go on the internet at his workplace or at a public library, and he had to get a new e-mail address. The ID's/screennames/e-mail addresses,, and the Yahoo Messenger ID's _____-______ -______, '_______-_______-_______', and 'yp_Gary_catilina' are all now available to police departments and law-enforcement agencies around the world in an attempt to track down and punish the perpetrators of the above actions.

Gary's former internet contacts ______ ______ (, ______ ______ (, and _____ ______( have offered to help us out by contacting some police contacts who specialize in internet scams and have connections with U.S. and international law-enforcement agencies to help us track down and punish the people responsible for perpetrating the above criminal activities.

In fact, as of today, Gary's e-mail address/ID will also be made available to U.S. and international law-enforcement agencies and police departments since some of Gary's contacts through this e-mail address have been involved in similar activites[sic].

A couple of you have commented that our actions were 'immature' and 'a violation of your privacy'. However, since Gary lives in our home and is partly dependent on us financially (since he has a low-paying job) and we have had much suspicious activity going on here in the past year-and-a-half and Gary hasn't been cooperative when we confronted him concerning the above suspicious activities, we had to open all of Gary's mail at home, check his phone messages, and check his e-mails when we visit the local public library (remember that we discontinued our internet service at home). Some of our other family members (and their spouses) had to check his instant messages on Yahoo and AOL/AIM instant messengers using their computers and using ALL of the above ID's/screennames (they have changed all the passwords and security questions to make sure Gary no longer has access to any of the above ID's/screennames/e-mail addresses).

Again, thank you to everyone who responded to our last e-mail and we hope you all understand why we took the actions we did. If any of you have any questions or knowledge concerning these matters, please feel free to e-mail us at the e-mail addresses below and/or write us at the address below. Have a nice day.

Gary Q. Richards, Jr. and Elaine B. Richards, Parents of Gary Richards III
10 Victoria Drive, Catalina, Maryland 10000 United States of America

And then we have:


Once again you both, Gary's parents, are clueless in regards to respecting others privacy.I have low tolerance , extremely low tolerance for immature actions such as these. Gary , if I am not mistaking, is an adult male over the age of 18, If you are are seeking to humiliate Gary by telling ALL of us his business the only humiliation administered would be to yourselves. When I get married & have children I pray that they do not end up like Gary nor do I end up like you all. Yes, I am highly irritated because you both,as his meddling , enabling parents, do not know how to leave well enough alone. When Gary PM's me I ignore him.. simple. Any male in his 40's living at home with their parents is not one I would care to get to know on any level. You all assume you are doing this as a favor and in some way helping Gary but really you are showing why he is as pathetic as he is. He was raised by two pathetic individuals! If you take offense to my tone , I do not care b/c I asked not be contacted any further. I have NEVER sent Gary anything nor will I. Gary has called a few times almost a year ago but I did not talk to him.

I am going to ask you one last time not to contact me in regards to these childish , pathetic events. I do not care what happens in this situation. You may want to ask God to guide you all in making the best choices. As parents , You need to ask yourselves why are you allowing a grown male to live in your home unless he taking care of one or both of you. I can not understand why anyone would just accept "free" money through the mail.HELLO ... Get a clue! Free Items ... are people really this guillable[sic]? Someone was NOT using the common sense that God gave them. In my humble opinion , I think it is time that you do implore logic AND common sense. If I am contacted again , I will report all of you to Yahoo for harrasment[sic]. I will be PMing Gary to let him know Do NOT EVER contact me again!!! Have a blessed New Year.

Extremely Annoyed,
J. Danielle

P.S. Disconnecting the internet was a step in the right direction but why not change the locks in the process if he is abusing your home? Just a thought ;-)

Well she told them didn’t she?!?!? LOL I know I really should block all these ig’nant people from my email but I can’t help wondering what new foolishness they’ll come up with next? I’ll keep you posted Dear Readers! – GD

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