Sunday Night Videos – 26: Polynesian Hip Hop/R&B Edition

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Hello Dear Readers! It’s your girl Ms. GD and she’s back from her extended vacation from SNV with another set of videos featuring Hot Ass Men! This time we’re kickin’ it Pacific Islander and Maori style with a set of the most ghettoest videos not found in the United States! I kid you not Dear Readers! I don’t know how they got so ghetto but they are and I love it! So do the Haka, grab a big warm bowl of taro, cuddle up to your computer screen and enjoy some of the best Hip Hop and R&B Polynesia and all points West and South West (That would be New Zealand and Australia) has to offer. WOOT! WOOT! ya’ll!

This is the favorite group of two of our favorite Hot Ass rugby players, Ma’a Nonu and Lome Fa’atau. You know Ms. GD love the kids and the little ones break dancing in this vid are too cutie patootie! Nesian Mystik – So Good

This vid reminds me of I’m Real by J-Lo and Ja Rule…only more artistic like West Side StorySavage Featuring Aaradhna – They Don’t Know

GM and I love us some Chong Nee ya’ll! He just a big ole’ Polynesian Teddy Bear ain’t he? Chong Nee – Thin Line

I don’t know who the young woman singing in the video is but she sho nuff got some pipes on her! And the dude playing the “Bad Boyfriend” is hot to death! Chong Nee – Scenarios

UPDATE: The young woman singing her lungs out is named Niki Ahu and you can find out more about her here.

Little homie got a nice flo but the beat is tight, tight, tight! Gone den boy! Frontline – What Was You Thinking

Switches, spinning rims, boomin’ systems, snakeskin Timberlands and video vixens pumpin’ it like their lives depended on it! Looks like Any Ghetto, U.S.A but it ain’t…it’s New Zealand baby! Dei Hamo – We Gon' Ride

This is my favorite joint! The beat is SICK and young Mr. Scribe got a good little flo on him. It will probably be a few years before he’s truly spittin’ hot fire but he’s young yet and I ain’t hatin’ on him. Also…He’s ADORABLE! Scribe – Not Many (Remix)

Oh Dear Readers, all Ms. GD can think about is sunny California. Sigh. Where are you Dec. 21?!?!?!? – GD

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